2024's Ultimate Calendar Apps: Fresh & Upgraded Picks!

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7:50 Update: Rise calendar is also available on Windows and the beta ended quite some time ago

stopped at ultimate best 😛

Any of these integrate with apple reminders?

Thanks for sharing these calendars. Do you also happen to know any calendar that supports word processor attachments/editing?

Hey Calendar ya está disponible para Domains. Puedes tenerlo con tu propio dominio.

Apple calendar ticks all the boxes for me.

I tried Google Calendar but it has far less iPhone widget features than Apples Calendar App. I really like to categorize my calendar entries so that I can scroll down the widget from a rougher view with the most important entries of the week to a more detailed view of the day. Are any of these app fulfilling this need or is it kind of an apple exclusive?

I second BusyCal. It’s excellent. It is relatively cheaper than many of your top picks. It’s continuously improved and I’m surprised it’s not mentioned more. For Apple devices it’s excellent. It can import Apple, google, Todoist and other calendar events and it’s pretty fast.

What a rather rubbish list it turned out to be, there is not much difference, so Google is definitely better, it has everything you need. AI and other garbage unnecessarily

Why do you hate Akiflow?

Todd Murphy know heaps about calender apps

is that Lewis' Ferrari in the background?!?!

A reeeaaallly, really..really…really awesome calendar list…😉

maybe a pipe dream but is there any easy calendar, task, notes app to just organize my life in one app??????

No Sunsama, Akiflow, Ellie or Skedpal :/

How about Routine app? What do you think about it?

This list is horrible. No Sunsama, Akiflow, Motion, and others. Sunsama alone is one of the most robust calendar apps for a corporate business users with integrations like Jira, ToDoist, Trello, Slack and Outlook.

Just ate the costly frog of my annual Fantastical subscription. Glad it’s stil Francesco approved.

I need outlook and gcal for appointments, so apart from platforms, would be cool if your list provided this info (supported calendars) as well

Love seeing you in Morgen. Thanks for including us along with some great company.

its so sad that most of the calendar apps like notion calendar and routine only support Google Calendar. In Europe, most of the business people use self hosted or outlook

I have a specific question: Let's say you use Google Calendar because all of your family members are using it and have shared their calendars with you so you can see whether a specific day is okay to schedule something. You would like to use something even nicer but would still like to see what your family has planned. Which of these calendars can you then use?

Which app is the one on the thumbnail?

Is this an Apple focused channel? Didn't see many options for Windows + Android.

I really enjoy your videos on productive apps. What about OneCalendar app. Has a great widget. Its on Mac and I phone and it's free.

Is there any calendar where recurring events and / or tasks don't show in the calendar (which tends to make it cluttered) but do show as a notification so you can act on it?

Francesco. Bro. I love your channel. I truly do. So I say this with loving criticism.

If you have a video where there is little to no android stuff can you make it clear by making it known from the get go, or putting the android stuff up front and letting us know the rest is apple.

This is not a shot against Apple but a request as a fan of your work.

The last thing someone wants to do is get to the end of a video and feel like they wasted their time… Than the face they see and voice they hear is yours.

This will cause people to look for other options. Just a piece of advice. 😎

Love the Ferrari in the background

what do u think of motion

You didn't mention OUTLOOK

Please, retitle to "best calendars on iphone" so Android users don't waste time.


Hi Francesco, love your channel! @keepproductive

Me & my other half are expecting our first child and want to get more coordinated with our calendars, what app would you recommend for couples, in my mind i'm thinking we both have our own calendars and we can then see both of those.

Fantastic options, your videos are always full of great options and alternative calandar and productivity ideas.

why the hell is this video top of the listr when i search for ANDROID apps i dont use isheep shit

I'm sold on the Morgen app. First I tried Reclaim, but had to let it go after it was incapable of performing some of the most basic functionality that I needed in my calendar. I then tried Trevor for a couple weeks and it was terrible, in that it could delete all past recurring events just from making any changes to recurrence. Morgen seems to have all that the other apps I've tried don't have. It's way faster, more responsive, and even has many more features that the other ones didn't even touch on, like hotkeys, heck even a configurable time grid. Plus the UI is so that much cleaner.

I've been looking for the one calendar app that just works, and this might be it.

feels like these are just gimmicks more than serious time keeping calendars

Thank you so much for this useful and detailed review of the best calendar apps!

Tried busycal? It’s basically fantastical but a tenner one off and has calendar sets.

Are these calendar application's or appointment managers?

All i need is an app that i can sync my host email addresses, my google and outlook. I also wish the same app would have a to do list, tasks, reminders or notes. Id be happy to pay.

Most of these are the lowest rated Calendars in Apple App Store

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