Build Your Online Store with React JS: A 2023 Guide

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Its good.. would you consider using react with firebase as the backend

This project is responsive or not??

is this responsive?

Hi All I am stuck after the footer part can somebody help

Amazing Video websites are working properly

the <hr/> moves back to the shop page when refreshing the page from the mens or women or kids page. how can i fix that?

I like the theme you are using. Can you tell me the name please☺

can someone send their e-commerce website link

Failed to execute 'createElement' on 'Document': The tag name provided ('/static/media/Product.0798cc9b98d4f1291581.JSX') is not a valid name. at 1:53:00 when i click on the product the product is not displaying . can anyone please help me @GreatStack @ idevkr

the project is not responsive he created the project while being zoomed out

nice project, congratulations bro 🙂🙂

Koi help kar sakhta hai ki at what duration add to cart functionality in this video at what time start please needed help

Instead of hard coded 2023 use dymanic date, const currentYear = new Date().getFullYear(), <p>CopyRight @ {currentYear} – All right </p>

I am getting an error in rhe cartitems.jsx from the second return

Bhai Kasam se maja dila Diya aaj to…

Kash aap mere teacher hote…😢

1:58:00 the {product.image} gives me an error saying Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'image')

Share the git hub link plzz

Did anyone completed or tried this project because I am going to do this project so help me out ..

sorry to bother you…. untill i reached product display the project was working fine, but after starting product display i was not getting any output nad the whole screen was blank…….if u can please help me with this issue…it would mean a lot…….. i hope you see this mesage

Hi guys, can`t resolve ' context' in 'components' as video. Any solution?

I'm facing problem at 1:35:01 ,actually products is not showing please help

i am doing everything correct but everything looks way bigger in my case,can anyone suggest me why this is happening?

I am getting error at 2:38:41. error is "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '1')

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '1')"
Please help…
this : if (CartItems[] > 0) , giving me an error

Can someone help me that there is no errors works fine but images are not showing up on browser?

I am not understand add to crat section .

my code is not work. please someone help me .

I haven't finished it yet. So far, it's the best tutorial I have EVER seen! Thank u, thank u, thank u! I will provide update upon finishing it😊

Please anyone help in this error 37:44

Compiled with problems:
ERROR in ./src/Pages/Shop.jsx 5:0-26
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './Hero' in 'D:React Projecte-commercefrontendsrcPages'

Context provider not working

Add to cart is button in not working they are not nevigate to cart page

can you please help me to down load asset folder

sir give me help me 1:58 :57 on an error so tell me why show am facing product component error do not show multiple image and product image and star icon and react router path miss match so plz this situation can handle plz help

sir plz this product jsx do not show plz give me answer

I tried to calculate the subtotal but it didn't display the correct value. I would be glad if you can help me on this

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