Craft Your Budget Bliss: A Notion Expense Tracker Guide

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Quick update: I've fixed a bug in the Renewal Date formula. If you're building this yourself, or you duplicated the template earlier today, check out the formula page to grab the new formula and replace your old with it:

What software do you use to record your computer screen and your camera? In particular, what program do you use to highlight the mouse cursor?

I’m just wondering how to get my expenses from my credit card into this…

You may not hear it but I am clapping, great tutorial and I love your enthusiasm and energy

Those many subscriptions would scare me!

How would the recurrance date and monthly cost formulas be adjusted if you also have quarterly expenses? So there would be 3 situations, yearly, quarterly and monthly. Appreciate any help!

Great stuff just what i needed!

Question: what about multiple payment currency like my Adobe i pay in UK pounds but Make i pay in USD how can i handle that with out converting to one currency manually

I copied and Pasted link and nothing came up

@21:42 I lold much harder than I should have 😀

This is great! Thank you so much! I've already implemented it for my business 🙂 As I do have some quarterly expenses (and some bi-monthly expenses even) I will try to adapt thr renewal formula accordingly 😛 let's see if I succeed!

Awesome stuff here, thank you!!

Great masterclass! Thanks for this.. A key feature that I am trying to add in to this dashboard is "total monthly cost per category" as a Gallery tiles, so you can see these at glance, any ideas if this is doable?

Thats great Tom, but I’d really like to see a way to see analytics for previous months, such as how much I’ve paid in total. Maybe find a way to make automatic monthly and yearly reports or if not automatic at least manual. This would be super interesting and useful for not just personal finances, but also keeping track of paying your employees etc. It would mean so much if you actually were able to crack that!

How can I integrate this in my UB+CC bundle?

Firstly, cudos and thanks a lot for the great video. You really manifesting your position as THE Notion expert on YouTube. I thought using the template as an individual expense tracker but face one issue. Is there a way to adjust the formula for "onetime" expenses (maybe also the case for businesses) so that the formula is not picking up a recurrence date?

Thank you for this tutorial. With a monthly recurrence, will it only appear in the calendar for the following month once I have updated the charge date? Eg it won't appear on the 16th of April, until I set it to the 16th of March, even though we are in February. Would I need to look at something like Make or Zapier to automate that?

Hey TF! do you think Notion is ripping off your UB template? the similarities are kinda Sus ngl

synesthesia… I have it also 🙂

Those reoccurring charges are not joke

For those of you who are trying to add a "Quarterly" condition to the Monthly Cost if statement, the correct formula is below!

prop("Recurrence") == "Yearly",
prop("Cost") / 12,
prop("Recurrence") == "Quarterly",
prop("Cost") / 3,

Really enjoying this template!

I was curious as to how you added the info reference bubble in the properties to explain what it is?


Synosthesia(sp?): when two or more senses are triggered simultaneously- I wish I had this with numbers being coloured, Math, school, and pretty much everything would probably be much easy! I am not good at anything math related 😔😳

Hi, Thomas! Appreciate your work a lot! I correct Renewal Date formula, but it calculate a year from now. How I can fix it? For example if the Charge Date is on 20th of Feb 2024, appears 20th of Feb 2025, not March of 2024, if the payment is monthly. Moreover, which should be the formula if the payment has to be made each half of the year? Or each 2 months? Thanks in advance for your kind reply ;=)

While I wouldn't use Notion for this, for privacy reasons, watching this video has helped me to seriously think about creating a template in Logseq, for this sort of thing,. So ta for that. 🙂

I wish there was a "semester" date unit in notion. any suggestions on how to create that manually?

Thanks!! Very helpful, especially for someone who isn't so great at the formula side! I have my current tracker in Excel

Hi, do you have formula for weekly recurrence and quarterly?

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks Thomas!

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