Craft Your Own Quiz App with React: A DIY Guide

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Am the first to like on this helpful video. Please give me likes. ❤❤❤

For opening development server in browser, you can also just press 'o' and it will open in browser

For multiple li u can li*number of li u want

Happy I saw this early. Thanks man

completed .waiting for next video of react JS

How to make silent exploit using javascript

Excellent tutorial. but one good practice but not that much important , we can add setLock(true) after lock===false line, no need to repeat it.

I want to talk to you regarding business purpose, how should I contact you…

Your tutorial are very helpful❤🇵🇰. Also make more content on react and next js

Awesome App!
Do you share app code ? I looked google drive. I can see only questions.

There is error appears after make option array it says expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression

Why you don't give source code with project?😅

How can I contact you

what if .. I don't want to add the next button. it atomically switch to the next question when any answer I selected … please help

which theme are you using in vs code

Easy to understand and follow even for beginner. Thanks.

can anyone provide me the Quiz.jsx code

Bro… I tried to do it but the Last question for is not allowing to choose option and move to next score page ? Please help

Bhai me jab yeh simple sa bana rha tha muje 3 hours lag gye aur kuch bhi nahi bana . Bro logic hi nhi bann par rha tha . Bhai bahut demotivate ho jaata hu ek basic sa project nahi bann pata lekin jab koi videos dekhta hu toh pata lagta ha kitna basic logic tha me kyu nahi kr paaya

can we get the source code

Give me the Code

How do I add a menu at the beginning where I could choose from different quiz categories? I tried to add it with Chat GPT but it was not able to fix it. Help? ;-;

Can anyone explain how he chosen correct and wrong option ?

Thank you brother ♥

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