Craft Your Ultimate Note-Taking Haven with Notion!

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Let's go! 🚀

S I G H. drops everything for this video

It's a good sigh. A grateful sigh. It's the same sigh you let out when you see how big the lego instruction book is. You are excited and very aware of what you are about to get yourself into, kinda sigh.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much 🎉

Hey friends! I know many of you will want to build this system from scratch, but in case you want a template version, here it is:

P.S. – this exact note-taking system is also in Ultimate Brain, along with some extra features (a daily journal, recipe tracker, book tracker, and more). We're currently running our first-ever Black Friday sale, and you can get the template for 50% off through the end of November:

The using of TAG instead of Areas & Resources makes this way more difficult to set up within my existing PARA framework set up from your Ultimate Brain. Why is it when setting up a relation on my end it only gives me two arrows with each one pointing opposite rather than the 4 arrows in a relation.
when I try to set up a self referential filter it never gives me the template as an option. Why is that?

Do one of these in Coda, would be interesting to see the differences 😅

I want to learn notion, may I know the sequence of playlist, which one to watch first the second? Thanks.

is there a way to use the ultimate brain template without implementing the PARA system? I tried that but takes me too much time to gauge if something's a resource, project or area and i feel like the properties overlap.

Thomas, I have to say, you truly have the gift of teaching. There's a lot of experts on subjects out there, but that doesn't mean they know how to teach and break things down clearly. Trust me, I've taken so many online courses where they just waffle about for hours and I walk away even more confused. Your tutorials are always so clear, engaging, fun, and so well-structured step-by-step in an intuitive way designed for optimal learning that builds off previous steps, all without the fat. My mom was a school teacher so I recognize that talent when I see it! The fact that you take the time to create these tutorials for the public good is such a gift back to the world. Thank you for everything that you do – learning Notion has been life changing for me! 🥹❤‍🔥🙏

Thank you Thomas, brilliant as always.

You created two master databases in this tutorial. Did you consider only creating one? What's your general approach when deciding one vs 1+n master databases?

This is a wonderful tutorial, as always. I used your previous PARA build video. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate tags in that framework. Right now tags seems to be similar to how I use areas. However I do see the merit in using tags to further refine the notes, and even resources, that are in each area. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again for such a helpful tutorial. Currently trying to reconcile using Areas instead of Tags or maybe using both. Would love your recommendation for that.

Also, I'm wondering if using Notion's Wiki feature might be something worth exploring here for this dashboard setup. Did you consider that? Would appreciate your insight!

Is there a link to for the ultimate notes demo to copy the code for the extra stuff towards the end of the video?

I am trying to use the "hidden property" options. I've tried changing the UB Notes DB, templates, and everywhere else I can think of, but hidden properties continue to show up. I'd love to be able to clean up the tops of pages to no longer show 25 properties and just hide them. Can you help?

Hey Thomas, have been following you since your book came out "10 Steps to Earn Better Grades", must say that did get me through college and always grateful for all the advice that you have given on this and the main channel

Thanks for the tutorial, I like a lot this note system. However, after following all the instructions, I have been unable to download your template today. There maybe a bug in the web. 🙁

One critique… the cuts you do to remove space/noise/etc. is unnecessary. Honestly, it makes your videos seem unnecessarily chaotic. Like, let your thoughts breath. The second or two that you cut between thoughts aren't really saving anyone time. It just causes some of us anxiety watching you. Just make your videos, free form, natural, let us come along with your journey. Especially for these tutorial videos.

But… I love the content. I just had the one critique. Just slow down, don't chop your videos. Just let them play, mistakes and all. Cheers.

Love your videos. Is there a way to enable notion to send an email to all team members in a space everyday with all the notes added during that day? 😊

How do you back up your Notion offline?

​given quickly accessing notes is something a database does quite effectively.
through filtering and grouping of items in the database via different metadata (Notion properties).

however, as you can imagine, the added metadata can easily get too many.

how can one find a good balance between having too many and too little metadata?

does Thomas have a FRAMEWORK FOR DECIDING what metadata to keep and what to discard?
maybe something to look for in your next awesome video?

Great looking template, but I am struggling with something, I have some old notes from your old template, when i drag and drop them from the old section to the inbox on the left, they dont appear in the inbox, i then have to click on inbox and drag from that page to the inbox section. Is there a way to do it from just the left hand structure?

Great video! I was building a system like this, and this video gave me some great ideas, you're an inspiration, keep rocking!

Would you recommend use a separate database from the notes database or just continuously add more properties into the notes database if the notes are in lots of different topics? Thanks ❤

Hey Frank, nice tutorial! What if I wanted to organize notes in subtopics? I followed the tutorial, but it seems to me that you can only organize them by a main topics (the tag) and no sub-topics.
I make an exampla:
Programming (tag) -> OOP (tag) –> C++ (tag) –> "Classes in C++" (actual note with information).
Is this kind of organization allowed through this note-taking system? (this seems like a basic need for organizing notes, think of a uni course's syllabus; chapters, paragraphs, concepts etc.)

Pretty dumb question but I cant seem to get my notes tabs to show up side by side….i.e. to see notes, web, voice in my recent view there is only one tab with a down area that I have to click to see all three options. Can you suggest a fix here?

Thank you sooo much!!

you speak way to fast, for non-English speakers it's hard to understand you many times. I have to slow down video which makes this video way too long.

4:30 Database – inline
Database – Fullpage 12:12

Hi Thanks for the tips. Inspired by your videos I started by making my own trading journal but got stuck very soon. I hope you could guide me. My trades include both intraday and swing together. The journal columns include entry date , exit date and days in trade (calculated as exit-entry). How to handle the exit date column If I havent exited from the trade yet? what I wish I could do is Exit date remains blank in such case while the days are calculated as (present date- entry date). Is it possible?

For some reason when I duplicate a database the filters are not duplicating along with the database. I didn't worry too much about it until the Tag Template section where we need to have the filter reference Tag Template. Any ideas why this might me happening?

Can you do a tutorial building a weekly planner based off Stephen Coveys in 7 habits?

Hey Thomas! As an Evernote reject (see ya!), this tutorial is the exact thing I needed to get up to speed with Notion, quickly. Some say Notion isn't a note-taking app, and that I should have looked elsewhere. But all the simpler note apps couldn't handle even the minimal flow that was possible in Evernote. This is gonna be great, thank you!

excellent video. Thank you

How does this work if you want multiple org levels of notes? For example Health and Fitness => Fitnesss => Weight Lifting, Cardio, Yoga?

So grateful to and for you, Thomas, for your generosity, dedication and authenticity 💛

Hi – Whenever I duplicate it does not duplicate the filters. Is there an option that needs to be selected to fix that?

How to get that full width row on ipad?

Love your videos!
Why do we create a separate database for tags vs just using the built in tags option?

Can you make a video showing how you use this for your task managment?

These are my favorite kind of productivity app videos because you can get ideas for how to improve your own system based off of the system that Thomas has built, even if you don't use Notion. Fun stuff!

is there a way in notion to sort by new posts?

i want to see my newest audio recordings at the top of notion instead of having to find my new posts every time in the table

Thanks for the very nice tutorial! I was wondering if you can explain the benefits of creating a separate Tags database vs having tag existing as just another single-select property in Notes database?

Superb video once again. Just need to know why the Notes database was turned into a page of its own at 5:15 ?

Dude honestly you're the man!

I've got your Ultimate Brain and am also trying to figure out the Area/Resources vs the tags. I like to use a lot of tags, and can't seem to figure out how to do that with resources without having a TON of resources to dig through. Loving what I've gone through so far though!!

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