Crafting Digital Snowflakes: A Creative Illustrator Guide

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I’d really appreciate if you’d mention what keys you use to select all your pieces or let go of a piece for example! It would truly help me as a beginner😊

Amazing mam ❤️🍁

Привет, Елена, есть ли у вас какой-нибудь веб-сайт или обучающий веб-сайт с пошаговыми инструкциями по другим графическим дизайнам? Большое спасибо и отличное видео! Так держать.

spread positivity like wildfire! 🔥

Make a tutorial on How to choose colour I am very confused I can't choose correct colour. And also get problems to find any color in illustrator.

Thanks Elena, great as always and happy holidays !

im a beginner graphic designer .I learned a lot in your every videos thank you so much sister❤❤❤. love from india🎉❤

Love your design

I just love your tutorial and always wait for it!

hey elena love your work its owesome thanks for sharing your skills

gracias @elenagraphicDesignwithElena por tus enseñanzas y contenidos saludos desde colombia te admiro

what are the color codes

It's to good how smoothly u done it😅

Can you please make a tutorial on designing tri-fold brochures? <3 appreciate your tutorials

This is such a cute tutorial, thank you!

I have the 2020 version of Illustrator, must it be the latest version for practice?

Hello, great tutorial. I am experiencing a problem when trying to create the light. I use the "screen" blending mode, however, it is not working correctly. I can still the the outline of the object. The yellow is blended correctly but the black color isnt. Do you know what could be the problem? Thank you.

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