Crafting Enchanted Mushrooms: A Cartoon Illustrator Guide

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Love your illustrations. Daily I'm learning graphic designs from your videos I want to request you, please do "Cherry Blossom theme" illustration.

So so amazingly amazing 🔥 🔥. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 🔥

thank you so much
i learned a lot in your videos❤❤❤💞💫

I learn so much from your videos!! post more haha

Good job thank you soo much

Elena, your tutorial on creating a magical mushroom in Adobe Illustrator was fantastic! Any advice for improving graphic design skills, especially creating detailed illustrations like this?

my gradient is somehow showing borders of the Elipse. Can anyone tell how to fix that?

Your all videos are amazing… Keep up the good work i have a request can u do a bike illustration sports bike especially ❤

dont wear stuff like that so we can watch your videos

Madam Magic In Your Hand 👌👌

You are incredible 💞…..
Love it …. ❤

You are Awesome ❤

Love the tutorial. It would be helpful to know what size your workspace is when you set up a file and if you're working in RGB or CMYK. Thanks again for the awesome tutorials.

Adobe illustrator version 🤔🤔🤔

Как красиво, я залип конкретно ❤

For some reason, the underside of my mushroom disappears when I add my background. It turns the dark color of my background. Can you help me figure out why this is happening? I followed the steps, so I'm not sure where I went wrong.

Please someone help me … I don't know how to generate ideas for illustrations or to illustrate the scenes 🥲

you are my inspiration

讚👍 終於看懂了!

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