Crafting Sleek E-Shops: React JS Magic Unveiled

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I like your projects very much.. Keep Going!!

Thank you GreatStack ❤

Please make backend for this website 🙏🙏

GreatStack please please React router

Hello I would like to understand more about backend and front end

your react project is awesome but can you add backend int his project please❤

Very useful video ❤

Fantastic project, great teacher.

Brother your videos have always been helpful for me to learn since i subscribed to you 9 months ago, so one last humble request to you, please make a video on car selling website using react js and node js . It will be really helpful for me to do my final year project.😢❤❤

How to consume data and magnets from mysql?

Why is the login page and registration not functioning

Love You sir , thanks for this awesome content

Sir I am 16 years old and
After learning JavaScript i watched your videos
Awesome projects
Thanks sir

Your projects are great but i believe you could improve the responsive part.

I really like your videos mate! Could you make a tutorial on how to make a text comparison page with JS?

thank u so much sir it was really needed

Bro please make a video on backend of this website and also deploy or run on local also
Thank You

awsome project! well done

Awesome…….Dear Sir..

Anyone plz share nav_dropdown image

Thanks bro. it was really helpfull can you please add backend also for this project❤❤

In part 1 in 2:37:00 part cartitem not working error in
And if conditions please help

Code cannot see in mobile device should fixed it

You haven't shown how the backend process works and how the customer logs in.

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