Crafting Winter Magic: Illustrator Landscape Guide

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Beautiful binter landscape Elena!! And first ❤❤❤

Wow amazing design 👍

It looks amazing ❤

AWESOME, your content is always unique 😍😍

Hi Elena 😃 amazing graphic design and cool tutorial..

So so awesome. Love your tutorials from Pakistan 🇵🇰

Hindi Tutorial Video banaya karo

I'm sad to know that illustrator already can do that just by giving text instructions 😢. These programs are going to put us out of business very soon

elena, i love it 😍 AGAIN 😁 thumb up 👍

Can u make more video on character man or woman

Love your work! You are my new role model in graphic design 😍 i've been curious, how you make vector animation in the begining of the video?

please help! when I do the light there is a white layer around it that is slightly colored and not soft. it doesn't look like light, it doesn't look smooth like yours. there is a light in the middle, but around it (behind) there is a circle surrounded by a slightly white color 😫 i need to do my homework😢

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