Crafting Your 2024 Site: A Dive into Divi & WordPress

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I hate you man! I'm at the middle of your 2023 tutorial… and know you upload another but 8 hours long!! hahaha
Now seriously, thank you for these practical tutorial 🙏🏻

Hey ferdy. Can you also record a full beginner to pro voxel multipurpose theme tutorial?
I really need it, even everyone need to know it. It has advance features which enhance the website!!!!

Only 8 hours? You are epic Ferdy. As a YT creator myself I know the effort involved. But 8 hours? Wow. ❤❤

Divi is een verschrikking…

8 hours, maybe next time split in 4 parts.

Ferdy! I love your videos! Are you able to do a tutorial on how to add a VIDEO (10 seconds) before the website loads?! so the video will fade away and the website will show up!
Is this doable?

Hi there, Cane an affiliate website have a except a direct payment? without the need to redirect the costumers to the product owner to pay.

Beste Ferdy,

Ik zou graag informeren of u mij kan helpen met een antwoord op mijn vraag. Ik zou 't enorm waarderen.

Ik wil graag een website (blog) maken via WP en de Elementor builder, gezien ik hier goede verhalen over hoor. Ik zit momenteel via Squarespace en zou graag WP uitproberen voor ik een keus maak.

Mijn vraag/vragen:

– Is er een mogelijkheid om WP / Elementor te proberen met (weliswaar) slechtere hosting en een dummy-domein volledig gratis? Ik lees dat Infinityfree redelijk is hierin, wat is uw mening/advies hierover?

– Ook zou ik graag informeren naar uw mening omtrent Squarespace, is dit een rendabel hosting platform, ook wat builder/hosting/SEO e.d. betreft of raad u dit af?

Bij voorbaat enorm bedankt. Ik blijf absoluut uw videos volgen, ze zijn fantastisch en uitgebreid nog ook! 😊

A Breakdance review / tutorial would be awesome!! I love your turorials, keep them up 🙂

As Useul always loves your videos.

Hey Ferdy You are really the best, Thank you so much for your nice tutorial, If you can, please make a woocommerce tutorial using Divi Theme builder, Thank you so much❤❤💖💖✅✅

The question is why your site was not designed with Divi and you used the Astra template along with Elementor?

Fredy, It is so wonderful. However today I use this theme for a website. I found every page has a sidebar, only entering the Divi builder can remove it, it is so complex, that I used custom css remove it. it disappears everywhere I still need it in the blog post.

Thank you very much for the amazing video Fredy

This one ia Great 🎉

hello fredy , as your student over years now , im looking for more futures to the web dev as, B2B web sites ? calendar or booking websites , events ? i mean it will be really helpfull to take us to the Real world projects level , for example ( how to Build A b2b Bossiness web site ) or how to Build shipping with tracking web sites , how to include dropdown lists that changes on user choices , how to show prices of services according to customer choices from few related dropdown lists ? and so on , thank you

Hey, you are doing a great job; Thank you.

Has never been easier, no it takes 8 hours and half to understand.

I Notice the menu looks always the same and no options to make it fancier without css sjizzle

Sir please I request you to make a video on free keyword tool for us.

So you are best ferdy

Thank you so much Ferdy!
I got a problem with the Divi Contact Form, when I receive the email with the information of my potential client, I don’t get their email or phone numbers, just their names; so it’s not way to contact them.. any suggestion in how to fix this? Thank you so much in anticipation for the help.

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