Crafting Your Digital Mind: A Notion Masterclass

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Hey all! Hope you enjoy this one – I've received quite a few requests for a tutorial showing the full build process for adding PARA to Notion.

If you'd like to use or study the finished template, you can get it here:

You'll also find this PARA structure in Ultimate Brain, which is a complete second brain for Notion:

What new tutorials do you want to see in the future?

Hi Thomas. Super informative video, thank you so much!
Just a comment to the adding test task to the template (29:40). Something may changed in notion since you recorded the video, but when I try to add test task in the project template the task won't show in the list. However, when I do it on a real project created from the template that works.

Question: when creating the project template (around 27:00), you showed how to create a task list-view. After adding the filter you showed, I tried adding a new task, but i don't see it. Looking at the test task item you add in the video, I noticed that by default its project is the project template. My question – how do I set this as default for new tasks? Thanks!

Hahahaha good one. But you gotta use your brain more to gain more

I’d appreciate the same video for the Apple ecosystem. I just ordered the second brain book and want to implement the methodology by using Apple native apps only (Reminders, Calendar, Notes, iCloud Drive etc.). Would be great if you could do a video for that purpose 🙂

May I ask how this connects to your Ultimate Brain?

When I try to add "root area" filter in Area notes in the Area/Resource Database instead of giving "select page option" it gives me "Value" I am unable to figure out why this is the case. Please guide me through this hurdle, Thanks!!

Everything sounds so complicated to newbies but you made it really comprehensive. thank you and also thank you for the free template!

This was very informative. I only wish it were taught in bright mode. Sometimes it is hard to see when learning. I would have liked the toggle to black/night mode throughout to get the overall feel and maybe a final finish in the black/night mode, since that is your overall look.

dude…. soquick it is hard to follow but thanks for thetime

notions is too complicated, takes hours to learn, I will stick too normal notes

Damn! Such a good crash course to Notion. Thanks a lot!

Jesus – everyone saying "this is great but it took me watching it 3x".

I still don't understand the logic behind the Areas / Ressources / Archive for Notion. Please help.

Alright, Projects could be located in Areas, that's fine. Tasks could be in Projects and in Areas, okay.
In Resources you maybe can have some useful templates or some "raw" information that you can include in different Areas or Projects.

1. BUT how do you organize Areas and change them later if one specific Area gets too big in your life and you need to expand it?

2. Do I need to create "sub-areas"? If so, how do I move/divide projects and tasks from the former "Big Area"?

Another example, for instance, I have "Work" and "Freelance" Areas. In both of them I could have some projects and random tasks related to my current work.

But what to do if in 1 year I completely changed my job or career path.
So now I work in another company and all the projects and tasks related to "Work" Area are not relevant anymore o_O.

3. Do I have to remove all projects from here and archive them?

4. Or do Areas need to be much more specific?
For example, you never know how long you will be working in one place, so it makes sense to create not a "Work" area, but a "Work" area: Company X". That way, if you change jobs, you can just archive "Work": Company X" workspace and start a new "Work: Company Y" area.

Would be grateful if someone can help me here and discuss it.

Great tutorial. Only problem that I am facing is that the templates that we built for projects and area&resources are showing on the dashboard. How to hide those?

Very very things I watch on youtube are life changing. This is!!

Tremdously helpful to watch (and listen to your throught process of) the build while also being able to look under the hood of the built template and play around. Thank you! I'm heading over to watch your databases video.

I noticed a lot of criticism in the comments, but it did help me a lot.

I love this tutorial I have had Notion for ages but never really used it because I didn't know how many options I actually had. I would say I am an absolute beginner and yet I understood most of it very well and was able to build my own database. But Notion has made an update and some things are different now. We have more options, which is good, but some of the things in the video, such as some of the codes, can only be implemented if you really get your head around them. But I have managed to do that.
Many thanks for the video and for any tips. 🙂

I hope u have more subscribers, your channel is really helpful and detailed, i love it so much

Love it when a creator chooses to sectionize videos like this and is transparent at the beginning– earned a sub!

Can I point out one important point missed since you adopted this version(Though I have to say this system is too awesome!!)… Its the fact that why Tiago wanted to keep Projects and Areas seperate. Areas is kind of always there and keep on improving stuffs, but Projects are those stuff with clear start and end. So when its possible for a project to become Area, keeping a project always mapped to Area defeats the purpose- That we want in area to focus on things for long term.

Wow. This is the most articulate comment section I've seen on YouTube. So many great comments, I liked them all lol. I guess that's why we're nerding out here on Notion & creating structure.
Forreal, Thomas – this is fantastic. I just found you as I'm looking to take Notion to the next level and this is awesome. Subbed. Thanks for so many insights 🧠

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