Debating Logo Trends 2024: A Fresh Perspective

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Places like Creative Blog and others MUST put these out since it's just standard for blogs to do so and get eyes on articles. But I feel "trends" are more of a list that box people in – and in todays movement there is no box and ideas are abound like never before. I personally enjoy blogs which list out the years trends cause clients will always be asking for something they saw online and prepares me to pivot. I do feel there are good trends that work but in more of a campaign style of poster or animation that might give value to some eye candy – but trends are horrible if you want to create long term branding. Just my opinion.

Yeah, it is nice ,but consider some production process in the future ,some is no working.

Thank you sir for always teaching me and guiding me through graphic design

man you're editing is soooo good!

Bro Satori looks like William Afton wth

CB is a piece of shit, they're all about clickbait.

Please no more with minimal style logos 🤢

I really want to thank you for your videos. I'm new to graphic design and your videos have been a great source of inspiration for me and a helpful guide.

I feel you prioritize timelessness a little too much here and definitely more than most designers do and should. That only works in very rare cases and it's not something that can be planned beforehand. Even the most recognizable brands have to reinvent themselves to stand the test of time. Timelessness is something history decides, not a designer. Also big brands will absolutely do the mistake of using AI logos and it will be glorious to watch them getting roasted for it.

3D logos are neat and all, but those flat logos use less ink.

Agreed mostly, but your take on the prospective economic state is quite optimistic indeed with so much turmoil going on, starting from AI to the looming WW3.

💯 that article was cb. No designer worth its salt will base their decisions on a trend when it comes to identity design. Ai? Yeah right, the obligatory mention to make the article "trendy".

People are ridiculous trend followers. You must follow the trend doesn't matter what. Don't think.

No one wants to conceptualize first

Am looking for someone to help me design logo for our company

back in the day we all thought these blogs had an insight or pulse on the industry but nah they are just winging it and guessing

I agree. I am not sure why some people/companies think being competitive means keeping up with trends—- especially when it comes to logo design. this video is spot on—pointing out some of the limitations of trendy logo design. I think it all comes down to just being responsible as designer…regardless of your approach.

Don't be the one to follow the trend.
Be the one to create the trend

two points here!

1. You hit the point on the head about how they're defining the word 'Trend' – Are they basing this on 2023 and current Trends running into 2024 (One would assume!) Or have they got a designer Oracle to predict what we'll all be doing this year?

2. Agree with every single point here which is very rare on any design video I watch soooo…. No notes from me on that side!

Keep up the good work 🙂

Lots of people that crave for 3D or highly detailed logos don’t realize how much of a pain in the ass they are to work with afterwards.
Sure, they look cool (sometimes) but they are a nightmare to implement in production.

3D logos can work well on a web screen or even printed big but they fail to simple flat design in terms of readability and versatility.
3D logos are most of the time undistinguishable at small sizes and can almost never be used as is in spot colors or monochrome, serigraphies, embroidering, engraving, molding, etc.
3D logos are most of the time only usable in raster form because of the shading effects, so vector files like SVG can’t be used directly.

I used to work in a company that had a 3D icons design strategy and it took way too much time to design those. They finally realized it was a mistake and moved on to a flat design strategy. Then we could produce icons in third the time it took before. Plus our graphical assets dramatically reduced in size.

Can we just do away with trends. I'm with you there – theres a time and place.

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