Evernote's Exciting Future: What's In Store?

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What's your thoughts on Evernote going forward in 2024
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Evernote may as well give up. There are too many alternatives and the company killed any good feelings users had about it. The new owners have just made it worse.

"Create up to 100.000 notes." I mean… what hell is that about.. 500.000 notes… does it really mean, you can't have 500.001 notes? There is no noteapp on the world that has this ridiculous weird selling point of you can have this much notes, especially when you pay for it. It is that crazy way of thinking that I stopped using evernote, although I still think it is a great app. It has been hi-jacked by Uri Geller and put on a weird subscription pedestal.

No buy buy, but bye bye for me.

Deleted & unsubscribed paid customer; transferred my info to Apple Notes. Too late!!

Thank you for this video, I was on the fence whether to stay with Evernote after the price jump.. your explanation convinced me to stay with the app i love.

Interesting! Personally, I've left Evernote this month after 13 years or use. I had sync issues with work, and despite the wonderful Web Clipper, found it just wasn't worth a tenner a month. That said, I'll be keeping my eye on the old fella and hope the product is still around for many years to come.

14 features that have become free and a new design are good, but it's unlikely that evernote will be very popular, the biggest drawback is the limitations.

The removal of visual contrast between the sidebar and the notes is terrible. The fact that this cannot be customized is asinine at best. It’s not an improvement.

It is a very reliable application, and the price is fair, but our work has changed. We work differently today than 20 years ago, and Evernote needs to be modernized better. They need to implement better integrations, add functionality to write with other languages, etc. As for AI, we are at the beginning of a new era, but it is far from being really usable these days.

I will only use Evernote if they lower their prices. So many note taking applications nowadays have most features for free. Then you upgrade if you want more collaborative features.

Does it finally allow using Windows Polish keyboard? Or allows you to disable Evernote shortcuts globally? There has been a problem with using national characters and Evernote's shortcuts for years. US International keyboard also had same issue…

It'll become a personal productivity life coach. You'll be able to subscribe for $399/499 a year a get AI that will help you figure out how to plan your day and make additional accommodations if you have ADHD or such.

People talk about how expensive it is, but it works out at around $3 / week which won't even buy a single coffee. For me, is is excellent value.

I've been with Evernote since November 8th, 2009, and I've stuck with them through thick and thin. Raising my annual subscription from US$69.99 to US$129.99 – a dime less than my rent – is a pill I can't afford to swallow. I appreciate this video for what it is, but I'm switching before I lose everything. Say Goodbye To Evernote? You bet your bottom dollar I am.

Why would someone still use Evernote is beyond my understanding. I left EN back in 2015 and I am happy with the decision I made!

If rather eat avocado toast than pay for Evernote.

Would you agree that Evernote might be good to stay on for the personal part of it. (I have today the $10,83 per month annually payment plan) And then to switch the work-related notes, strategies, online course notes etc over to another more robust application? In that case, would you typically advice to look at Notion, Anytype, Capacity or something else?

انا حاسه انك بتقول حاجه مهمه
بس ايه هى الله اعلم

Great video as always. Thank you. I have no need for any AI integration into my Evernote workflow. As a user since 2009 I think I will be migrating away from Evernote when my subscription expires. I completely understand a subscription fee, but the cost has just gotten too high relative to my usage.

The calendar integration on the iOS apps is a pain in the ass. Why on earth don’t they have a day picker or a monthly overview? If I want to add a note to a calendar entry months away I simply can’t do it without swiping through the days. Or am I doing something wrong?

Don’t forget Evernote is now an EU based company and they have to obey the GDPR laws, privacy is now guaranteed with Evernote. Notion has 0 privacy, any of their employees from support or engineering can go in and scribble through your notes business and personal… This is now starting to worry me with Notion.

I always appreciate an Evernote video, always learn something. I had cancelled my plan, though I like the direction that Bending Spoons is going with the product.

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