From Still to Thrill: Speedy Motion Magic Unveiled!

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Big fan sir from india❤❤❤

Hi Satori
How do I solve my lack of client acquisition problem?

sponsored? yeah no im out

how for windows sir?

No Windows, No Android…😢😢😢

It feels unreachable at the moment.

You can do the same but much quicker in Canva

So goodbye after effects

I thought it was for windows, but its for mac

Does it work offline and is it free????

Not an expert, but after experimenting a bit with animating motion graphics in After Effects in my previous attempts, a lot of the tools shown are already built into AE, so I'm not quite sure why you would choose another application over what Adobe is already offering with their CC other than it is more simplified down here to just creating motion graphics. Plus, there also a lot of pre-made animation presets pack you can purchase that will only ever work on AE anyway.
From what I gather, the ease-in and ease-out of the relative speed of the animation is the key to create a more smoother and natural animations, otherwise pretty much all animations you'd want to animate seemed janky and lifeless, and it will always stop very abruptly once the animation cycle is done.
Basically if you can't master that, you'd better off hiring an experienced animator for custom animations, because having a janky animation will only detract and distract the viewer, away from an otherwise good design. a good design will give a good impression even if without all the animation flares. I gave up on learning motion graphics after find it too hard for me to grasp the methods to ease-in and out.

Is it can be use as alternative to After effects?

Looks cool. Only for Mac though.

High end 😂😂😂

Is it better than photoshop if one uses photoshop to create gif like animations ? The level of animation displayed here is easy in photoshop without needing to go out on a new software, am I right ? Thanks for the great tips!

which software is this ?


Please develop this for Windows and android as well. Most cases people use Windows pc and Android devices. So yeah then we can say that's a pure value bomb for everyone. Thanks

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