Master Git & GitHub: A Beginner's Ultimate Guide

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I have a problem while using git. I can't use password for git. So I am using tocken instead of password. Is it okay?I am using ubuntu.

Very intuitive. Thank you sir

wow… thanks for this. This is timely.

I have multiple projects wrapped on a directory inside of a repository. Can I deploy them using GitHub pages saperetely as different projects in a single repository?
If it's possible please guide me some steps.

can you pls tell us how to download…. weather app source code which drag and drop in the repostory.

Nice video but GitHub desktop simplifies all this

what is the use of z-index, and position: relative , absolute

Thank you so much❤❤ I owe you a lot from the videos you dedicated, please dedicate video on react course

One more subscriber! ❤

you have no idea how much you have helped me,love from sri lanka

sir i have a problem in downloading git. it shows me in downloading time "need authorization" and require username and password in the time of downloading. please solve this problem

at the First time i liked your video sir, so much helpful for the 30min lesson thankyou sir, keep it up , keep rock sir

Thank you very much you have made my work easy

Awesome thanx for giving your best❤

You are a wonderful and amazing teacher. Thank you so much for the videos. I have learned a lot from your and cannot expresshow greatful I feel for all of the hard work and effort you have put in to create these videos.

Great video, thank you very much!

one of the best, honestly the perfect and complete GitHub tutorial out there . Thank u ❤

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