Master Simple Cutouts in Photoshop Effortlessly!

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I LOVE it when you show off the simple updates, never any shame in working easier, you'll just just get more done in a day. 10x that output.

I want hair to be this easy!

Brilliant! thank you!

I realised this week that I don't know any way to make a selection of thin squiggly lines, assuming channels technique is not good enough?

Amazing thank you ❤

Does that work on curly hair when there's no actual sky behind it?

I really appreciate the way you cover new AI-enabled/enhanced features and techniques, which keep coming at us with blistering speed. Staying up to date with such features is a must for professional designers, and PIXimperfect is always the go-to source. I especially like the way you describe the new features in terms of "the old way," which provides great context for us long-time users.

Another great tutorial and another useful tool to add to my repetoire. There's one thing tho' that I haven't seen anyone else do that perhaps you might address someday. That is – strategy. When given an initial photo we have to devise not only what we want to do but how we might efficiently accomplish it and, it what order. I sort of know What to do but, I get confused at the beginning as to how to organize the process. The Pix app helps but still….Just a thought. Thx Unmesh for the many great videos!.

Until today, I didn't even know the "dumb" way, which I discovered my outdated program can do.

Thank you sir, make a tutorial on how poor images to high-quality images.

Always updated. i am following you for a long time and i always appreciate yous tutos.

Love your tutorials.

God of Photoshop 😂

Good morning. I'm an 81 year old 'novice/enthusiast' and I've followed your tutorials for some time. I've just got your Compositing plug in to see if it will give me some benfits. I don't want to buy a lifetime subscription in case I find it not to my liking..can I sign up for a month by month subscription and cancel with no penalty if I find its not for me, or is there a commitment to, say, 12 months minimum? Thanks from a chilly UK.

Thank you Unmesh. I am using Photoshop for about 2 decades.
But in your videos I always find something useful.
From Ukraine with ❤

Thanks a lot ☺️🎉❤ Big fan bro ❤

@PiXimperfect, may I ask if your Compositing toolbox for sale requires an internet connection at all times for use? I realize it would for generative fill, but how about the other things?

thansk a lot, but i am a medium user of photoshop , I see you can use curves to adjust alpha chanel (video time 3:12) isn't better than using brush tool to refine edges?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

sir,do you keep the audio track option?

Great tips!!! I do lots of sky replacements for realestate, and because it’s a dreary day, the houses look dreary, even though the sky is nice. How do I adjust the image so that the dreary (non-sky image) looks like a lively sun-lit day? I would love to see a tutorial on this! Thank you!

Two words-Love It! This makes it so easy. Thanks.

You are Photoshop magician. Thanks for sharing new tricks.🙏


I just want to remove the background from a photo of my face and put it in a back background without the edges looking off. You made a tutorial somewhere, but I can't find it. Would appreciate your help.
Love your tutorials.

great if i'm fucking removing a fucking tree. which im not. like wtf.

You are always an inspiration… I truly apperiacte your art, intelligence, guidance and specially your simplicity and humbleness. Thank You.

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