Mastering Contact Forms: From Design to Inbox!

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Wow!!! This worked. I am really really thankful to you sir!! You are the best!!!! I have been trying to figure out sending email but you helped me to learn something new here!!


hi its really helpful thankyou , but my form showing in Upward direction , not showing in Middle , also I do not use any image
please help

All these Indian guys are making it very easy for us to learn.
Europeans will take back and forth and in the end, you will learn nothing 😂😂😂

This is not working sir

Super sir🎉🎉

Can we use this web3forms access key in hosting?

This is really helpful ,extremely detailed and easy to follow. Thank you so much !!!

it says

"success": false,

"message": "Please use POST method to submit the form"

pls reply

amazing tutorial

Hello sir, thanks for sharing some valuable content but I have a question will web3forms works with Angular?

Thank you Brother..This is the most easiest way to submit the Data

Thank you so much
I have been struggling for this from many days … but can't do it ..although after watching this video I can do it simply ..
Thanks again

Really bro its works thanks a lot you teach this without a little bit of backend

Very nice! Thanks for taking the time to make this video!

Hi, thank you for the tutorial! While i got the email part to work flawlessly, I cannot get the textboxes to reset once the email has been sent, can you please help me in doing so!

Thanks so much for this tutorial but I need to ask how I can share this contact with my client so I can receive mail from them all.😢😅

Thank you so much i got biggest help in my emergency and panic time 🥹

How to fix whitelist issue bro would you please tell us

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