Mastering Design Theory: A Complete Course Breakdown

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First to watch this vid

Visuals tell more than words 🫰🔥

Like always informative ❤

I love your channel

I saw the YouTube award hanging there. 🎉🌼

Add audio in hindi please

I am designing an annual newsletter for our clg club and This video popped up. I instinctively searched up some cool glitched up neon graphics and stuff to use like fonts,.imgs and icons even before figuring out text to be read 😂lol. Now all that's left is using the stuff from the video and making a banger of a newsletter 🔥🔥

Could you make a video on what should be on an entry-level graphic designer's portfolio?

There is something military about it too right? The cyberpunk figure is wearing some sort of ammo belt and desert warrior gear (gives Mandelorian vibes) and there is a stylized globe in the back like you would see maybe on screens in the Pentagon or indeed a world selection map in a game. It seems to say "click here to make sure you're completely geared up/ kitted out for the future", which I think is supposed to appeal to that competitive gamer mindset.

Like always informative 💯

I want to express my gratitude for all these videos you make, I want to become a motion graphics designer and I’m reeducating myself through your videos, again THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏

I found a ranch dressing bottle that had a picture of clean square carrot sticks in the center, and as a beginner I was thinking to myself "why are the carrots there?" (because the carrots took a massive amount of space on the product) But this video explains perfectly why. Like I knew it gave the ranch dressing an image of making healthy eating easier and thus would make people more likely to buy the ranch dressing for instilling that vision of health onto the customer, but I couldn't grasp the underlying principle of how to apply things like that onto other designs until this video.

the voice is not the same with the your mounth

Hello Satori, I'm very happy to serve as a design reference for your videos. I made this design on the right of the cover!
Thank You Man!

The Japanese characters add to the tech feel. Cyberpunk having its cradle in authors growing up in the fascination of japans tech boom in the past.

Hey Man I Have a Probler How i can change adobe ai Bounding Box Or selection Colore change can you make video for it Pleace

The thumbnail alone for this video… Darm great. Big ups satori🎉🎉

when you are watching satori graphics it's like you are diving in the real world of design. thank you for your great efforts.

"Design your future today" is one of the hardest lines i've heard in design 🎉 shoutout to satoris future rap career

I might be wrong but I noticed in the background there looks to be a type of planet shape. Looks to be a planet built with mechanics. I think that goes with the theme of futuristic and new dimension

I would also add the use of "breaking the limits" where the helmet is superseding the frame but uses the sleek and organic lines (not a sharp edges) of the helmet. Positive futuristic designs tend to use rounded edges instead of sharp edges. The typography is geometric and sans serif, and uses the alineation of the main focal text and also aligns the subtext to the right, which is unconventional unless see in futuristic-focused pieces.

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