Mastering Divi: Crafting Your Perfect Blog Space

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This guy is amazing!

Can you make a new vedio about building a social media website.
Thank you so much, i love your channel ❤

Plz create blog using free generate press theam

I don't understand the theme, please share

At 11:40 the column heights button didnt work so you went to mobile and said perfect! I don’t understand how going to mobile makes it perfect and i did the same thing and it didnt change and equalise the column heights.

the transparent adjustment doesnt show in the gradient color at 14:14. I dont see the color spectrum. Any advise? thanks in advance

it doesn’t show how to crest the post. just how to import

Your videos are very user friendly and informative and have taught me a lot. But do you have any videos on how to create a simple blog website using Divi? Not just a blog as a section of a website, but a website that is primarily for blog posting. Thank you.

thanks ferdy! Finally I understand how to insert the sidebar correctly and also how to create blog page templates in the template library in divi.
I mean I was conscious that this template thing existed, but I rarely used it. Never came to my mind to use it for blogposts etc. I basically ONLY used it for header and footer and thats it. I never ever understood how it could be helpful to use the middle section.
But since you can decide to show this template ONLY on blogpost pages or ONLY on the blog frontpage page itself…Well…that changes a lot.
Finally I understand how people can pump out so many blog posts. To me, the logistics of changing the fonts and keeping everything templatized were a nightmare so I never attempted to write the blog posts or only wrote 2-3 articles. And I attempted multiple times.
When I want to start blogging next time, it will be immensely easier. Currently setting up the blog page for a customer. That helped greatly. Thanks

Edit: Just finished setting all that up. Took me about 2 hours including making changes in mobile responsiveness and basically design stuff that took me a little cause I wanted it differently. But yeah all things considered a really great tutorial and thanks again. You are my favorite divi youtuber. I think its because you are very authentic, I never caught you overpromising on your videos and the solutions are working also for the longterm unlike others who put in programming and stuff that breaks over time. Also, you never require one to pay lots of money for solutions that also can be solved way cheaper without issues. The people who do that, I dont trust and usually are not my first choice when looking for a tutorial. I dont even bother anymore. If its a 40min video and I see ferdy or the other guy, I always click on your videos because I know I can rely on them.

So, thanks for that. Putting trust in you is never misplaced. Bye

Ferdy, again a great tutorial!

Hi Ferdy, thanks for your high informative videos. Now I followed this one but do not understand what happend between 4:42 and 4:43 in this tutorial. There were 5 posts on BLOG page, second later the BLOG page was empty. I am not able to understand the way. Would there be at least a little advice, please?
Thank you for your great work! Helped me a lot till now (I am trying to build a web for my daughter).

Great Guy! Thank you; it felt like you held me by the hands. I will share the full website with you once it is done. I literally have no background in computing or technology; this is really helpful for me to build my company's website.

Hi Ferdy,

That was an Amazing Divi tutorial – I would love to see more tutorials like this one for Divi.

Can you please do a video tutorial on how to create Category pages and how to have Category Labels on your main Blog page for each category?

You're a Divi expert and no one is talking about Categories.

This man is a legend. Had more success fixing my website and learning how to use DIVI properly than anyone. Hands down the best.

hi please make a tuturial how to make food or health related websites with hostinger and tell all things how to customize theme and which plugins needs and which one theme is best and how to import demo etc its a request kindly make a tuturial

also tell about ahrefs

Do I need to use the Divi builder to make new blog posts or is the default WordPress blog builder enough? And will the templates get applied automatically?

Great video and I am following step by step. However, if I set the homepage settings to Posts Page "blog", I cannot work on the blog page. I need to set Posts Page to select (none) in order to enable visual builder. Is this correct? I can't find any mention of this on any discussion or help page.

Great Guy! Thank you

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