Mastering Notes: Unleash Your Voice with ChatGPT!

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Want the best note-taking system for Notion? You'll find it in Ultimate Brain, my complete second-brain template for Notion. Get it here: (use LETSGO2023 at checkout to get $50 off).

This voice notes workflow supports any Notion database, so Ultimate Brain isn't required to use it. However, it will add a ton of powerful productivity tools to your Notion workspace. It's also the best way to support my work – this free voice notes workflow has taken well over 150 hours to create!


After I filmed this video, I got this idea to add powerful new language support features. You can now set the workflow to translate your audio into a different language, and even keep the original-language transcript as well.

Details here:


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unfortunately i have 4-5 hours of recording. how can i change the settings to 12 ,imute timeout? i am a new paid member but couldnt find it. also great work and thnx alot. first time ever using aichatjbt :p

Hello, I use the automation for German texts. The setup was great and easy for me as a beginner. It was also nice that I could select German as the language during setup. The transcription is in German, but the title and summary, main points, follow-up questions and so on are in English. Is there a way to get these automatically translated (into German)? Thank you

Tremendo! muchas gracias por esta tremenda herramienta, sin lugar a dudas Game-changer y gratis! Soy usuario también del Ultimate Brain y sé los esfuerzos que haces para aumentar las productividad en las herramientas que ofreces. Feliz de ayudarte con la comunidad en español/latina!

Hi all. I'm getting mixed results with this. Most of the time my transcriptions are turning into gobbledegook. They look like Welsh language. I've checked the language settings in ChatGPT and they are set to English. Anyone else experienced this?

This was amazing Thomas. But I missed the step on how the voice notes gets sent to Drive.

Hey thanks for the great tutorial. Works perfectly. Just wondering which iOS App you are using for recording your audios? The out of the box apple solution cannot save audio files automatically to a predefined location, so uploading to GDrive is always a manual step. I am quite certain you have a better way figured out for your voice memos. Thanks.

I need help. It keeps saying failed to create notion page and I already paid for open ai. Can someone please help me

Could you tell me if the audio-to-text transcription program has the capability to distinguish between different speakers and, if so, does it attribute and indicate in the transcribed text who is speaking at any given time?

Did I miss the most important part? How do I auto upload Voice Memos from the iPhone? (to whichever cloud service pipedream can access). I just want this to be 100% automatic.

Im finding this doesnt work for "m4a" files – your mp4 worked fine – but my voice memo on my iphone creates m4a's

What a great video! Thanks for sharing this. I was able to implement with OneDrive using your notes in minutes last night.

Hi Thomas, fabulous! Thanks a lot. At first it didn´t work, than I realized I needed add my bank information to chatgpt (you might have mentioned this in the tutorial, I just didn´t see it). Now it works and I literally feel blessed 🙂 Sidenote: I just purchased the ultimate Brain and Creators Companion and it really feels so thoughtful crafted. Thanks a lot for your work and your approach to all this. It´s amazong!

Poor explanation, need to learn how to simplify explanation buddy

Is there a way to make this use GPT 4 within open Ai or is only with 3.5? I don't see an option for GPT 4

How do you setup a Database in Notion?

why am i getting the following error now on a long audio?
'body failed validation: body.children[1].paragraph.rich_text[0].text.content.length should be ≤ `2000`, instead was `4183`."

Hello Thomas,
Is it somehow possible to adapt the prompts sent to the LLM? I use the tool for conference summaries and quite often the summary generated says what people are talking about but not what they are actually saying.

Very interesting, quick question our data is not at risk giving all permissions?

I cannot seem to create a note database is this something you can help with?

Hi Thomas. Fantastic video! Quick question if you would know the best way instead of ChatGPT to transcribe the audio file, if you had a software like 'descript' that transcribed the audio file since it captures multiple audience members, what that workflow might be to get the same result as this workflow?

ABSOLUTELY love this Thomas! Being a non-coder it took me about 2 hours to get this working but it is working, and I'm stoked.

One modification that I would love, but I can't figure out is a transcription date column so I can sort by most recent. Any easy way to do this no-code?

dude you over complicated everything with this version. I'm so lost it's not even funny. I got lost at the notion step.. Why did you breeze past that? you created backend code ok cool.. tell us about it.. your tutorial went from 40 minutes to 13 minutes. Everyone in the comments basically lost.. hey look I love your work and I'm sure it helps loads of people.. but for us non-coders .. my brain hurts.. so sorry if i sound ungrateful, i was really looking forward to building something like this for myself.

1. After the first year does one need the ChatGPT paid version or can one use it with the free one?

2. How clear is the cellphone recording can you do a demo showing both sides of a conversation for the one on the website isnt clear?

3. If one doesnt want to take Plaud subscription and use ones existing chatGPT account for transcription is that possible after the 1st year?

4. What languages does it support? Does it support the Indian languages Hindi and Kannada?

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