Mastering Notion: Unleash Power with Database Buttons!

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Cool, but no, I'm not going back to Notion for todo. Notion is too clumsy and I don't like the phone client. I'd rather write myself a todo service for my own needs, instead of building it using notion. I still use this service, but only for brainstorming and long drafts.

What tools are you using here to register mouse clicks and keyboard key downs? super smooth

Great vid. Why is this not available in m6 notion?

Hard agree on all of these limitations – the bare minimum I need is to set prop1 = prop2 and then at least I could use my own formula to determine what the next value should be. Webhooks would also be very useful but at least you can monitor for database changes in the API and use that as a trigger.

Hey Thomas, I got the PipeDream Recurring automation you set up for Ultimate Task and Ultimate brain, however it is bugged: every time it executes, it changes the formula of the Type such that every recurring task, after being delayed, becomes a non-recurrent one.. I sent you an email. Thanks!!

"Here I created a SLIGHTLY more complicated notion formula."
yeah right.

I added to the same properity you have when i click on add action it doesn't show the properity

Nice. Your last feature request sounds like it could be the same as your first: instead of incrementing a number property you're incrementing the status property. Since it internally stores an order for the status I imagine that would not be too different.

Oh man, so spot on re wishlist! This was EXACTLY my first thought when I saw this feature… that it'd be so great to say "copy the date in the Recur field" or "set the date to 1 week ahead" or whatnot.

With the webhook trigger I will just have fun toggling my smart devices and even auto change colour when I start working!

Yes DYNAMIC DATE with Natural language processing (like Todoist date picker) would be so amazing! Just two options of Now and Today is sad story 🙁

can you toggle a complete button? so if you made a mistake you can click complete to make it incomplete

Definitely agree about not being able to increment a number property. One of my biggest use cases for these would be keeping track of something like how many cups of water I have in a day. I currently have a button inside each of my "day" pages that, when clicked, adds a page to a separate database called "Water", which relates back to the day so I can count the related entries. While this does make it so I can click a button and it counts up my water for the day, it's still a massive workaround that requires an entirely separate database for no reason. I would love to see buttons be able to increment number properties, either by 1 or by a custom amount.

Great video, wasn't expecting this update!

Such a missed opportunity with not being able to set columns to values in other columns of the same page

Why I can't find the app on playstore ??

Is this rolling out slowly? I don't have the feature on my desktop app but I do see it on the Web. Looks amazing, I'm really excited to put it to youse!

How to use this feature in your Ultimate Bran Template?

This is a neat new feature! Up to this point, for tasks I marked as Done, I had to use a Make automation in order to set the Done Date to the Last Edited Time. Now a Notion button can do the same thing by setting the Done Date to Now, as shown in your Task Tracker example.

I noticed that you completed the task “Defeat Steven Segal”….is that future content? 😂

Just improve speed…

1 serious question bro Frank, Is there a way to 1 click to vote all ideas (instead of clicking one by one) ?

Amazing content as always and so fast!

One thing I would absolutely love from Notion (especially with the latest release of Notion Calendar) is the ability for buttons to set the start time and end time of a single property by clicking buttons.

Having “Now” is great but we should be able to create a range rather than using 2 properties and a formula to show the range on the calendar that you don’t have the ability to adjust.

The webhook would be incredible, especially if it would send data in the url. The relative date would be really helpful. It would be awesome to be able to put "3 days from now" in the field and have that be dynamically calculated when the button was clicked.

how do you use notion when theres no internet connection? it failed me in several several situations where i couldnt access my knowledge because there was no signal. no AI and fancy buttons could help me then. the app itself is cool but the lack of an offline mode outweighs the pros for me.

Another great video. Always appreciate your suggestions for future implementation. It's just as important to know what these things CAN'T do yet so we don't spend hours of time thinking or searching. Appreciate your videos always!

It would be great if the button for status can switch/change between different status types (from not started, to doing, finished; for example). Now you can link only one type and I don’t want to create two buttons for doing and one for finished.

This is super helpful! Do you think it is possible to create a 'Complete Sprint' action that simulates from Notion projects via a new button property?

I agree that the ability to set dynamic values to date properties would be great, especially for recurring tasks. But rather than having Notion look at a "Next Due Date" field, why not have the button allow us to change the date to "Tomorrow", or "Next Week", or "Next Month", etc.? Notion already offers "Now" and "Today", so let's just add "Tomorrow", etc. No need for an additional "Next Due Date" property with a formula. Makes sense? Great video! Thanks!

The move to next status is possible if you use buttons (with filters), formula, status, and relation property (Limit to 1)

I am actually heartbroken about the lack of webhook trigger 😢💔

can any one give me the Formula at the 5:28

I can definetely see what you mean about the date function in the database buttons feature. That makes it hard to make changes to a specific time or day. And honestly being person who uses notion for my personal things and not work, I find it hard to see how I can implement many of these new features that notion has made.

I tried using the button feature, but I scrapped it when I noticed that a message pops up on my phone screen every time I tap the button….something to the effect that the automation was successfully executed. I'd prefer something that only shows up if it doesn't execute properly. This appears to only be an option on phone/tablets.

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