Mastering Web Hosting: A 2024 Hostinger Deep Dive

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How hard is it to migrate from Bluehost do I have to transfer the website and database files myself

Ferdy how to we increase the PHP time limit (max executive limit) to 3000 or more in this business plan. Also how to increase the RAM to 256

Always gud info ….

always usual, is it possible to know what camera do you use 🙂

Creat a ecommerce store on "Pet" niche.. Everything about Pet(Cat,Dog, Birds etc etc) would be there…

Congratulations Ferdy for your 1M subs

Thank you Ferdy for this excellent and exhaustive tutorial.

I recently jumped on the Hostinger bandwagon following Ferdy's enthusiastic recommendation. However, my journey so far has been a bit like trying to teach a cat to fetch – not as smooth as I'd hoped. The web transfer resembled a game of hopscotch, and attempting to connect with the support team feels like waiting for a slow-motion snail race. Kinsta used to spoil me with a lightning-fast response time of 2 minutes, but with Hostinger, I've had time to contemplate the meaning of life during my 25-minute wait and still going strong.

Ferdy, I usually value your recommendations, but I'm curious if you genuinely enjoy using Hostinger, or if there was a special deal that influenced your endorsement or if you just have a superhuman patience level (LOL). Even SiteGround seems to move at the speed of light compared to this.

I'll keep you posted, and who knows, maybe Hostinger will surprise me with a magic trick or two! 🎩✨

Hello Ferdy. Good afternoon, I am your fan for many years. Please make a step by step video on how to accept crypto payment to woocommerce. Preferably how to accept with BTCPAY


i mad my first website about one month ago. I am planning on having my own web design business so ive already created my website and 2 demos so far. do you have any tutorials on making a portfolio?

Oh I thought the hosting will be free too 😊

Can I add plugin through Hostinger without WordPress?

25:05 how can I edit my video like this?

Thanks Ferdie, great tutorial, just wanted to mention that the time stamps are wrong, well the time stamp for the subdomain was incorrect 🙂 Thanks again, you create amazing tutorials.

hi please make a tuturial how to make food or health related websites with hostinger and tell all things how to customize theme and which plugins needs and which one theme is best and how to import demo etc its a request kindly make a tuturial

A complete guideline for a beginner like me to get a new web hosting with Hostinger. So helpful, Many thanks Ferdy.

So is this a hostinger tutorial or a wordpress tutorial?

Ferdy I just got Hostinger and I am going by your tutorial. However when you click on the website and go to WordPress, I do not see WordPress under the website menu. This is so confusing and I don't want to cancel my prescription. Please help it's hard to get a live person or someone to help you.

I would be happy to pay to get a human being to talk and walk me through building the website while I do it. Do you know anyone who does such a thing… Preferably someone who could do a screen share to see where I'm at?

Hi Ferdy thank you for this video!! The only issue is that I'm currently stuck at ''Force HTTPS'' ON Hostinger because I can't seem to download the most recent SSL. I've tried many times but each time it says ''failed''. Any idea why that is?? Thank you in advance 🙏🙏

Thank you for covering staging.

Awesome tutorial Ferdy. I really love your work. It's like you already know what we need. Awesome work. I especially like your motivational speech 😅😅😂😂. And how you were emailing yourself back and forth 😂😂. A very awesome and impactful tutorial.🎉🎉

Hello Ferdy, would you recommend using the Hostinger webmail, or Titan? I noticed you were using Titan because it is different from what I am using (Hostinger webmail).

Does Hostinger have the equivalent of cPanel's "Calendar and Contacts Server" so that contacts and calendars can sync across devices using RFC standard cardDAV and calDAV?

Hostinger is worthless with out any support

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