Notion & Skiff Unite: A Game-Changing Alliance?

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More baby, please!

Wow the productivity gains could be amazing.

I would also like to see a Canvas experience, Charts, and Obsidean style info relationship graph, … Please let them know LOL

😢😢😢 Delete Skiff account!!!

Mini Productive is cute :3

productivity and cute babies!! win win! =)

Man this sucks, I have been using skiff since August of 2023, I was actually really enjoying the app, sad to see they’re selling out and will be shutting down their services forever…

Surprised by the news, given the fact that was considering to change to Skiff as my main email. Sadly, have to update some services that used Skiff email as mail/login user. Seems like Notion has a big wallet recently… or something else. Looking forward to this.

Ahhh, why do suffer… Skiff seemed like a great opensource, secure and kickass product in the making. Guess gotta go back to google, as notion is anyway going to take our data left and right, might as well enjoy google features at that price. Hey Mail from Basecamp is nice option for folks who can afford it. Please let me know folks if there is some new tools which can be a great alternative to skiff.

Nice production assistant! Is he an intern or on payroll?

I really liked skiff ,it looked very professional .Their drive though was very clanky but their mail service was excellent .
That said ,their owner ,Andrew ,was very sketchy when responding to people on reddit .Back to Proton I guess

Thank you for you videos, i want ask is there any alternative to Airtable using database with view realtion feature?

I watched a lot of your videos, but I don’t think I found what I’m looking for, so I’m asking you here. Can you please recommend me an app that works good on iOS and has google calendar, outlook and notion integration and also lets me to add tasks(with checkboxes) and see everything (events and checkboxes) in the same view(maybe a calendar or list view)?
Thank you!

Man, few month ago i moved to skiff 😢 now i have to migrate to other provider. Did not think skiff sell to notion. Sigh 😢

Notion calendar is just a Google calendar front end. Decentralized devs and supporters are not keen on Notion. In fact Notion seems to on the decline with people defecting to other productivity apps. This feels like a last bull run company trying to assemble parts to stay on top. Feels like Yahoo when they went on a buying spree and shut down ever company's product they bought. Bottom line if you love Notion and get the messy UI then this could be a good thing. If we are more oriented towards secure email, calendar and doc sharing in a clean UI with some ties to things like IPFS and blockchain this is bad news. In other words F1000 and SV startups will applaud this but RoW security fans less so.

Just waiting for them to acquire an infinite canvas app next. Would this approach allow them to leapfrog over apps like Heptabase and Scrintal?

They (Skiff) are giving us 6 months to transition our email to something else. my Skiff account is going to cease.

Skiff you let us down.

I have used Proton for several years and Skiff kind of caught up with their range of products. I have a Skiff account and their rate of growth of the products was quite impressive and obviously could not keep going as they grew in user base. That said, if I relied on Skiff products, I'd be angry at the 6 month sunset period. I used and left Notion as they went in a direction I didn't need. So good luck to them both. They left me; I didn't leave them! I expect Proton to pick up some of these people.

Gutted…. 🙄 Proton looking at the main go to.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I'm crying!!!! I signed up for Skiff because I want privacy! I love Notion but Notion is NOT privacy!!!! 😭…..on the flipside your baby put a smile on my face. Bless you and your baby and wife!

Good for Notion. Bad for everyone using Skiff. So glad I left Notion.

If that number 2 baby? Congrats. What a blessing!

gonna be an interesting year lol, solid analysis 👍

I use Skiff Pages for secure PKM that I cannot keep in Notion because they can read it all 😂😂😂

TLDR Skiff sold out and users got fucked in the end :/

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