Reimagining Nike: A Design Transformation Tale

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Where my Design peeps at

Was the surreal design a success??

Yesssss…..we want more like this🎉

I'm just thinking, if you could've incorporated the swoosh on the shoe somehow using some other elements. Wouldn't it have been a proper Nike ad then?

Very Cool, No boarders or limits thinking out of the box. Love it!!! Thank You

Your channel's content should be like twice a month only ….It is so lovely.Premiers should be at Saturday night…

Thanks for your time……!!!🎉❤

What was the concept? My little brain failed to understand!!

Frenzy Friday votes please😊

Muito obrigado pela aula. Que tal Art Nouveau, seria incrível.

maybe a discord channel where we can present our take on it and have a series where you review them? 🤔 thanks for your help with design principles

Keep posting this series ❤

Pretty ! but not convinced 🤔 👍

that design totally stun me waiting for next monday mashup.

I'd like to see isometric style on the wheel. Your early videos show a lot of isometric tutorials and I think it would be a nice way to go back to it. ⏪

And yes feet are gross 🦶🏻

I love the idea and the design but the problem I see in it is you're missing the symbolic side of the advertisement if that makes sense. "highest in the room" is a song made by Travis Scott (cactus jack). The shoes posted on the original print are the shoes Travis Scott and Nike designed together yours didn't include the Travis Scott shoe you had a similar nike shoe which is great I've seen people somehow confuse Nikes and Jordans ( I understand it comes from the same company but you can't use a Nike Air Force one shoe for a Jordan 1 Advertisement.) Again I love the idea and design I don't want you to think I'm saying it's bad you're a great designer. In my opinion I just feel like you should've used the actual Travis Scott shoe in the ad to go along with "highest in the room". for views to be more engaged.

😮 noway. Out of this world👏🏻👏🏻

I have don't know why can't decide if it's good or bad! But anyway thanks for the tutorial

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