Revolutionize Your Schedule: Notion's Calendar Unveiled

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I agree with your idear about recurring tasks function. Hope to see Notion updating this feature, and it would help a lot!

Can you filter what Notion tasks you see on your calendar from the primary database? E.g. from a shared (whole team) task database?

I need it in Android

Hey Thomas, how did you set your calendar to renew each month for your budget database?

I already using Notion so is there a way to use Notion Caledar w.o using Gmail?
thank you

How can I add my business account from Microsoft on notion calendar??😢😢

I wish there was an easy way to integrate an outlook calendar with Notion calendar.

Thomas, I can't thank you enough for what you do. Thank you for helping me be a productive human 🙂

Brilliant!! 🤩Geaky Question:
If I use the template for Renewals (Its shown as the Renewal Date Property which is a formula not a date), it does show on NotCal when I add it from Notion. But Whe I add the event on NotionCal, it does not show on notion, since the Calendar view there is set on "Renewal Date" Which is a forumla. Is there a way around it?

I literally just embedded the whole calender page into my dashboard, cba to faff about.

when I create a task in notion it says, creating event failed. How to fix this?

Trying to find out how to add outlook calendar events to notion calendar successfully. A video showing that would be great to whoever reads this comment.

Another great video – thanks for the knowledge and ideas! Couldn't agree more with your suggested wishlist items. Love the idea of having undated items docked somewhere to distribute!

can you attach files to the events?

Great tutorial! I am disappointed to here there isn't any support for reccurring events since that was the one thing I was really looking for in my calendar

I use Outlook as my main calendar as its mandatory for work. Is it possible to integrate notion cal to outlook or the other way around?

Super cool, but there is no App for the Apple watch. Does anyone know a work around?

Anyone with any issue with Ios Notion calendar app version not in sync with Notion calendar online version? The scheduled tasks are not appearing on iPhone app..

Wasn't a game changer before the coat-painting (Cron). It isn't a game changer now. Bonus: the app desktop is soo buggy.

For me, a basic basic feature is to be able to check off the tasks from the database in the calendar. But I'm assuming that Notion Calendar doesn't see them as tasks but as all-day events.

cannot add database no matter what I do. added calendar view. doesn't work.

what i'm having trouble with is the iphone widget it shows my tasks but not my calendar events which are arguably more important

Funny, I was watching this video because I couldn't figure out how/where to drag notion pages onto the calendar. Assumed this would have been a native feature. Hopefully it gets added soon!

also, let us change other properties of the database and show them just like we can do in a regular datbase view so i can change it to completed or add that task to a certain subject in school but you have to switch back to notion to do that

I am having big problems with integrating team space meetings into my notion calendar? What can I do to solve this?

Dragging tasks without dates would be awesome! Any idea if this is on the roadmap?

This man is such a daddy like he is everything I look for in a man not gonna lie when can we get A.I printed bodies HAHAHAH all jokes aside.

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