Revolutionizing Imagery: The Ultimate AI Upscaler Unveiled

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Quick note: I'm not sponsored or paid by Magnific AI. I shared about it purely due to my interest in its tech! I agree, it's pricey, and I hope to see more accessible options in the future. Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts?

Just Use local Stable diffusion and image2image upscaler+detailer models… even controller helps… You have better controls. and similar results

Could you make a video on how to upscale a video using the the ESRGAN model RealESRGAN-x4Plus-anime.6B? Using a working google collab notebook

What we are basically seeing is what will be free down the road but crazy pricing for small usage allowances right now! Kinda like the old days when surfing the internet for 1 minute cost you 0.25 cents and or maximum allowance is 200 minutes per month and we used to think what a bargain eh? LOL.

Unfortunately it's not free

looks like 50 cent xD that was the real gem in here hahaah

Too expensive for what it does.

What does the annoying background music add to your video??

Amazing indeed!

Looks like kinda what James Cameron used for his legacy 4K remasters. A lot of detail added that wasn’t on film and noise removed. Not really archiving the original but the restoration possibilities are really strong. Too bad the companies don’t see a big market for that unless it’s really popular movie.

it is actually good that they charge 100$ / month
so people wont spam deep fakes

one question… this is not your original voice right?

Yeah, no.
Too expensive.

I think it just adds Texture in the picture what make it more detailed. This texture option is available in Camera Raw as well

This AI thing is becoming more and more frightening. This is insanely good.

I guess this is good for gaming design but for heaven's sake, let's not bring it to our reality that is becoming ridiculously fake as it is.

There must be a way in PS we can do this 🥲🥲

It made her look older, so you felt that needed "fixing"? Why?

Ну ты и на гремирован , как телка .

Magnific needs to understand that subscription models like this are unpopular, especially for unproven applications, and that they need to provide potential users a means to justify this expense. Magnific must offer a low-cost, low-commitment (trial) entry, otherwise few will be willing to commit to their high prices. This probably should take the form of a fee-per-image, of say $10, available for (say) 10 attempts at that cost per attempt. I'd pay that, even if it took several iterations on any one image. I need to be convinced first before I commit. In fact, this fee-per-image might actually be a better business model than the starter level for many AI imagers/photographers – I might only have (say) 5 images in any year that needs this service, but am unlikely to commit to Magnific's very costly subscription fees that would cost me a minimum of $708 pa.

I sold my car to afford all the tools advertised in this video, now I have great images but I take the bus .

Unfortunately the site for Magnific Ai isn't working.

Where the hell did the website go?

Perfect, but too much expensive.

Thank you for all the useful information!☺

Do you have to act insufferably gay?

might as well call it AI image enhancer since it completely changes the original picture. That's not upscaling….


You could do the same upscaling with Stable Diffusion's various upscalers, models and ControlNet. Tweak the parameters, combine upscalers, etc. for free.

"looks like 50cent"……………….That's Racist!!

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