Safeguard Your Site: Mastering Backups on Hostinger

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Thanks too much for the high content you are providing for us Fredy. I wrote a question on the previous video, hope if you can help me I will be grateful. I have another question, hope you can help me also with that: If I bought two domains name from hostinger but from different accounts, and from different countries, one is from hostinger united state, and the other from Hostinger India. Then I wanted to make those websites accessable by both accounts and be on added to premium hosting. How that could be done. I hope if you can make a video about that too. Thanks a lot Fredy, wish you all best.

Do you use Hostinger Email I find 1 GB of Email is small compare to Siteground and others?

Interested in how long it took for your backup to complete? My experience of Hostinger is that when you select backup for one website, it actually creates a backup of ALL websites in your account and this can take a VERY long time.

Mate, can you make a in depth video about how to recreating an existing css website to WordPress site

hi please make a tuturial how to make food or health related websites with hostinger and tell all things how to customize theme and which plugins needs and which one theme is best and how to import demo etc its a request kindly make a tuturial

also tell about ahrefs

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