Superlist 2024: The Wunderlist Evolution Unveiled

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What do you think of the new Superlist?
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Looks good – so clean and interactive! The only thing that keeps me from giving it a try and using it as my primary task manager is knowing that it might get acquired and killed by some big company. Then I'd have to go back to what I'm currently using.

After using the app I find the praise in the video baffling? Tags are in but useless as I can’t see a list of them? Is there no search? Why can I quickly add a useless tag when creating a task but not assign it to a list. Wish the team the best but for me this is a prime example of something being super overhyped and the product not matching the levels of interest.

Their website includes Notion icons, hence I was a bit disappointed after creating an account, to find Notion isn't actually an integration option

No app to Windows?! oookkkkeeyyyy…

Awesome design and UX. Still need some features like Widgets for Android and a Desktop App for Windows/Linux. Looks promising

I would love it if it had a widget! Widgets became essential for me, I need to see the main tasks for the day on my screen. Will this feature be implemented soon?

Please, could you enumerate apps (ios/ipados) what “synchronize” with Reminders stock app?

Todoist is the best change my mind

Ffs! I just set up todoist and obsidian with completed tasks for journalling. Can someone make an obsidian plug in for this app please 🙂

iPad app doesn’t have landscape…big L

This app is so very buggy. Unusable. Deletes stuff, doesn’t respect reordering, etc

The clean UI is promising, but the rest was kind of confusing, I can't really tell what the app is or what it does. I do like that it seems to be trying to blend notes and todos.

Is it available offline?

Having reviewed this app, do you think it is better than Things 3? Does it come with shortcuts?

I haven't got the option to add a new task down by the avatar. I've tried on Chrome and Edge. Anyone else not have it?

Oh come on, such a cool app and desktop client for Windows. The web app is really slow and choppy

I was a big fan of Wunderlist and was so disappointed it has been sold… This one makes me think about Evernote tasks… Curious timing to come with such a tool so lately… In a landscape so full of different mature products… I won't go for it personally…

Thanks. I would love after a few weeks of working with it – if you would do a comparison with Todoist – the similarities are obvious.

I will take a look at exporting notes – because if I want to use it as a combo Todolist and "lite" Notes app, will I be able to get my contents out easily (still have not found a good way to get my Evernote stuff out too well

Thanks for the promo code !

Like the voice comments feature – great for families

Really like the insert images into the ‘task’ directly. It’s one of my biggest grips with Todoist – sometimes a task just needs a few images included -inline with the text.

I’m baffled as to why this app, with its numerous reported issues, is rated 8.2 on Tool Finder? Can you please explain your rationale?

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