The Ultimate Plugin: Declutter Your WordPress!

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Wow! Looks amazing. I hope the developers maintain this plugin well. I definitely need to try this. BTW, Ferdy, your videos look incredible. You are paying attention to certain details that really make it easier for people. Many tech-related tutorial videos from some people don't consider how tiny the UI can appear in some cases. The transitions are really smooth as well.

Regarding the Auto-Publish Post with Missed Schedule, I received the following response from chatgpt: You will see 'Missed Schedule Error' on the dashboard. This indicates that the post was not released at the scheduled time. Most likely, cron jobs that failed are the cause. Cron jobs are programs that execute on a regular basis at predetermined times without any additional human input.

Just out of curiosity, why would you not want to open external links in a new tab? I thought that you wanted folks to stay on your site? I know that this is a very rookie question, but it would help me almost as much as this awesome plugin. (I know that I'm late to the party in watching this, but I thought I would ask.)

Thanks for dropping this.

Ferdy What is the affiliate program as I don't see it directly on the site and is it recurring commission or one time?

Looks promising… the big question is will developers stay supporting it.

This broke my site instantly 😒

Would never have 20 plus plugins anyway lol

Some of these features is in core by default, but need to know the code or just use "Screen options" tab. But other than that if people are not developers and want to enhance their experience and customize the admin interface and do some other media replacement and tricks then it really adds a great value! Even for devs if you haven't done your own already before.

And if you already need the page ordering etc then great to have the plugin that will add some other benefits as well! Security and components are most interesting here πŸ˜€ And "image upload control", "revisions control" is very needed feature. People tend to upload large, very large images. In the next project will check more closely the plugin.

Overall great sharing and detailed overview what one or other option will do! I believe it helps a lot of people here in WordPress world! Thank you for posting and sharing your tricks – I will check out as well in feature project.

Why make me go through your website link only to be forwarded to another?

you are Belgian!..or dutch

9:03 no, I don't see those notices and you don't either. It blanks for me as well. This plugin is FULL BLOWN GARBAGE. Every single function is absolutely half-assed.

The image replace doesn't give options like changing file path or file name as for example Shortpixel Image Replace plugin does.

Hidden notices are blank, unlike Hide admin notices individually plugin.

Menu editor doesn't let you customize secondary menus unlike Admin Menu Editor.

View admin as role is super dangerous. One wrong click for any role and ALL USERS INCL. ALL ADMINS ARE LOCKED OUT PERMANENTLY. Even after logout, clean cache I couldn't get into my backend anymore because of "missing permissions" WTF. I never touched the admin user role settings, this plugin doesn't give a shit.
Had to do a full website restore to log in again and delete this pile of crap plugin. The list goes on.

This plugin doesn't replace any quality plugins that have a single purpose unfortunately. Horrendous.

Dear @ferdy I really appreciate what your doing you helped me a lot on developing and monetizing more than 7 website so I really tank's for that now I also start you tube can you advise me please, sincerely hasen mh from Ethiopia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

Thanks for this video. I've been using this plugin for a while and I can say that is a really all in one solution.

I just found your video in my search for best plugins for 2024, and I just subbed ☺️

I love how you present the information in a way that I as a complete newbie to building up my own website can follow and understand ☺️

I'm a digital artist; not a web designer, so I'm really glad that you shared this information about a plugin that will now replace the several others I have, and unfortunately wasted money on to get the features that the free version of this plugin already provides…..

I've flailed and struggled with building my website since switching from the preschool version of web design within GoDaddy, to the web design university of WordPress back in 2020, and anything that helps simplify my journey is a huge benefit!

I'm so glad that you shared this plugin information, as it's also going to be awesome being able to clean up the menus and hide the stuff that just makes my newbie head spin, lol!

Anyone who already knows this stuff is free to criticize all they want, but for someone like me, it's worth it's weight in gold; especially since I don't have the financial resources (yet) to pay for the help I've always needed but couldn't afford…..

Thank you again for your help! It means so much to those of us who aren't "experts" at this who think it's their job to troll you πŸ™„

Keep doing what you're doing ☺️


Coooool!!! Bravo!!!

20 years of wordpress and still you need plugins to do basic stuff.
Is there a plugin to get some consistency? like update/publish/ok button variations one time on top one time at the bottom of a endless page wit nothing on it.
Big fonts with way too much white space around it, 5 setting and you already need to scroll around in a tool that is supposed for "design"
And there are suggestions that you "just" have to write some php-code to get things working. As if everyone on the planet has as a 2nd language php.
Next are search results, searching for any help results in a suggenstion for a plugin for this and another for that, just $50 each.
Because of that, most webpages look the same, or people gave up to that abomination.
Real web designers don't need such tools for dummies.

does this plugin able to re order taxonomy?

Hi Ferdy, thanks so much – awesome video and this plugin will really help me – However, I've still no idea what the 'External Permalinks' setting does. Could you explain this in a bit more detail, please?

Wow, this plugin is exactly what I needed. Now I'm getting rid of a few plug-ins. Thanks

Best of all the Best Thank u Ferdy.!!!

I fell for this plugin and bought it, do not know how many times i have wanted something like this, i even can get rid off at least 3 orhter plugins. Love it πŸ˜‰

Hahahahha… THE END of this video 🀣 You have described me getting excited about a new feature / plugin / editing. Ah… so nice to now that I am not the only person alike. Btw, thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

what are you using to record the screen to make tutorials

Teach my how you did the video for this. Sensational


Fantastik, thank you!❀

just fyi the /ase no longer redirects to the plugin.
Probably bad dns
great video

I spent the last hour touching up some images and replacing them using ASE. They have all reverted back to the old version. Anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?

This was fabulous, clear and easy and I was able to download and be working as you took me through it. Well done, and thank you.

Please how do I stop users from screenshots and screen recording my video/ movies on my WordPress website

Excellent! Thank you πŸ™‚

Your videos are always great to watch, thanks you. As security plugins can gives me headaches, do you think it's safe to only use the Security part of ASE instead ?

I found ASE last year and it works on some of the sites, not all though. Bought the pro.
Not sure why it does this. I guess I need to sit and debug it

can i trust these guys will be around at least a couple of years?

Great video. WordPress is amazing. That’s why we have our own plug-in on there.

Amazing. I’ve already shared this out everywhere.

Such a great video! Love the ending too! Thank you for making this. It was fun to follow along and makes my wordpress site a lot more streamlined and easier to use!

5:24 try to do this: shift+ctrl+(reload) – Dont wait, time is money 😊

Bro, can you do a video on Dating Website? Many thanks.

Nice content Ferdy! Just found your channel and subscribed.
— Question — for someone desiring to setup an eCommerce site for the first time, which is best or easiest to use? Would it be: Managed WordPress — OR — Self-Managed (cPanel) ?

Since you are a professional in this area, I appreciate your insight. I've done some research and I've read/heard that WooCommerce works well for eCommerce, but I'm new to the space and just wanted to know what would be best for a novice (and growing later to intermediate) — and should I install use builders such as Beaver Builder or Bricks Builder?…or something better?

I'm fully aware this request may sound like a silly ??? request to many here, however, as I stated, I'm new and simply trying to find the BEST setup that would integrate well for an eCommerce site, which provides the following options:

1. Plugin availability should I need them
2. Easy site customization without the need for coding but still provides the option to do some coding should it be necessary in the future.
3. Easy to integrate with Amazon FBA orders

Appreciate and thank you for your response in advance.

RE: Redirect After Logout – if you simply enter a forward slash (/) then you will be returned to your website.

NOTE: Only adding this as I had a client ask how to achieve this and they didn't know the path to put.

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