Transform Your Photos into Masterpieces with GenFill!

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Saw this step 2 days ago on another PS tricks .

Photoshop has really come a long way, and this is the channel I always recommend to people who are new and want to learn it in an easily understandable and enjoyable way. Thank you Unmesh for being so generous with your time and knowledge. One of the best communicators and teachers on all of Youtube, and a fantastic head of hair. 😎

Your videos are very nice, but can you provide Turkish translation support?

I like this approach to transparent selections, very logical!

Is it possible to use this technique in PSE as I do not want to subscribe the PS

AMAZING! I learn something new in every video of yours!

Really great feutures!

Can you please teach us im mobile devices

Dear, Brother
Plz,Also make a video for Jack sparrow version people

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Fantastic! Your are so talented! Thank you πŸ™ for sharing! You are so kind!

Hi, I've been following your tutorials for years, but unfortunately those relating to actions only work in the English versions of Photoshop, the reason is that actions often look for layers named automatically when they are created by PS, for example: 'background ', 'Layer x' etc…. If you want to be really tutorialists, it was really necessary to ensure that these names are not fixed by the language defined for the execution of PS because these actions are unusable in these localized versions , please take this remark into account. You who have your entries at Adobe, can you suggest that they offer us an effective solution for this serious problem which penalizes 3/4 of Adobe users.

Hello! I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now, and recently decided to try my hand at digitizing and restoring physical photographs. I know a lot of your videos on curves, color, and retouching could probably help with this, but I was wondering if you might be interested in doing a video specifically on this subject and try to capture everything one might need to know to do this well using fully-updated Adobe CC apps. I’m especially concerned about how to deal with photos which have random splotches of discoloration from poor storage/handling. Thanks, and thanks for all the excellent videos you put out.

Amazzzzzing Unmesh πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Look what they have to do to mimic a fraction of our power. This is why I've jumped into 3D oil paintings.

How do I find the action or the description list. thank you

Blows me away….I wish it was as easy to retain the information on 'how to' as it is to watch πŸ™‚ Love it

WOW, thank you πŸ™‚ Have you tried adding a style (ala a Midjourney prompt) to the painting type? I'll try, but I ask while watching the video … priorities!

real painters will lose their jobs

SIMPLY GENIUS!!!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! Blessings in this new year 2024 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™

Excellent! Thank you for experimenting (playing) with PS for our benefit !! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

You are the best ❀

This is beyond next level!

Thank you for such an informative video as always. Upscayle Image is not free can you please share a free version.

If you create a mask and use a radial gradient over the subject, going from black to gray on the mask. Then, be sure the eyes, nose, mouth and ears are covered on the mask with black using a very soft brush. Using a very soft brush, paint varying shades of gray on the mask in areas depending on how much you want the AI to affect the image, with darker to protect the image more. Control click on the mask to make a selection. Turn off the mask (shift click), then use generative fill with the Oil Painting prompt. Because the face is protected, it will not be affected. The graduation in the mask and subsequent selection will encourage the oil painting to affect everything smoothly and gradually.

Can you please make videos for turning a photo to stencil and graffiti effect please?

You speak so good – best teacher ever. Big fan

Wow ❀❀❀

Hey Umesh
I don't have a delete key on my mac. What can I do in this case?

I hate it. It's ugly.

Will try this one! Looks pretty cool

Thank you, sir. You can also use this technique to create a 3d render of a portrait by placing 'render, unreal engine' in the generative fill command while using a 25% selection alpha channel. Place that new image under the original portrait to erase facial blemishes, etc., using the erase tool… just another option for cleaning up portraits 😊

I’m a painter. Don’t. Paint. Teeth! (If you do, make sure you use the colors you painted the skin with. Even then, teeth wind up looking creepy 99% of time in a painted portrait.

Pretty big fail so far with Photoshop making this such a convoluted process. Here's hoping in their next update they can improve this process a lot.

How come it's not working on my photoshop 2019

Hmm, when I try to select the Alpha layer I get "Warning: No pixels are more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible." – I looked online and every said to change the feather to 0 but it's already at zero. What am I doing wrong?

"This transfer has expired. The link expired 2 days ago at 08:59. To request a new link and view the files, contact Russell Preston Brown." 😞

my gen fill is greyed out…anyone else?

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