Unblur the Past: Top 6 Tools to Sharpen Your Shots!

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Ai is garbage!

So, basically, those applications that are adding features like teeth (e.g., Fotor) 5:11 aren’t really “de-blurring” the photo, they’re creating a version that could be the photo in some alternative universe. It’s not like some algorithm could “work backwards” from the blurry photo to the source—the teeth aren’t there. It almost feels like the app is fooling the user.

First photo is Michael van Gerwen lol

Fotor has the best results. And remini has bizarre restrictions.

I'm really glad that I didn't switch my Luminar Neo to the subscription model. The added features all seem a bit undercooked.

I'd really like to see a comparisson between Topaz and the new Lightroom Enhance.

If you're going to review software, maybe use it for at least a week. I use Upscaly & Tpoaz every day and know VERY WELL what dials do and how to use them…

I think the presenter is a result of one of these AIs.

Have you tried Upscayl? It has an app that can be resident on your sytem.

There are many online pages that do all this with even better results. It is not reasonable to pay $200 for something that does not do its job 100% well.

I like what Topaz did. The other tools took too much artistic license. Topaz looks like enhancement; most or all of the others look like resynthesis. To be clear, yes, all of these tools resynthesize to some extent. But… well, to put it one way, the other tools resynthesize the whole cloth, where Topaz just resynthesizes some of the threads.

These tools are advancing rapidly in effectiveness, and BTW, doing further tweaking than shown here, either within the app or in another app, can give even better results. These days I regret deleting some earlier digital images that I deemed too far "out of focus" or noisy to ever have hope of saving.

So…. What about video….

Why do you take blurry pictures in the first place?

Thank you so much for your time. Well done

Wonderful video! How come you did not include Photoshop Neural Restore ? It does a great job, although it only works on the face (mostly). In any case THANKS!

SO its time to get all those Big Foot and UFO Blurry Photos out

the problem with this is that it completely changes the person..if that will be done with old photos..everyone looks the same..humanity is wiped out and replaced by perfectly sculptured, artificial faces without souls..
sad actually

I purchased Topaz and subscribed to Fotor. Disappointed with Fotor for there are no good tutorials and therefore with my playing around I see no improvement on a out of focus photo.

Good one! Thank you!

i have tried all, and i found Fotor does the best job.

Excellent teacher incredible way of learning about this subject, Kudos my friend I learned a lot from your videos you truly inspire me to be my best .

Ai is totally going to change this all very soon.

What do I click on to get to Fotor unblurr. I could not find it.

Did I miss something? Where is the dude in colour like the thumbnail?

Poor person tip: Topaz is free if you print screen 🙂

This is a lovely comparison. I think i liked Canva's results the most. But ofc over time most of these options may show their strengths. 🙂

Looks like the person in the vintage picture is wearing firstly a Tshirt secondly looks like there is a modern HTV decal on it. Not sure this image is certifiably 'vintage' – it is at this early point I am out.

7:37 – On1 "This is crap!" LOL!!!

I'm surprised with Canva… great video!

Thank you for doing this- incredibly useful!!!!!

I suspect this is true of some of the other apps too, but the reason Fotor doesn't improve e.g. the buttons is that it is specifically a "Face Unblur" tool. It would be nice if it had more fine-grained control, but OTOH, Fotor is relatively cheap even for the pro version (~39.99/yr).

I used Remini thanks to your previous tutorial I was able to save so many pics! this guy is a LEGEND been following him since he started his channels helped me so much

Do they work as mask-able adjustment layers?

🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 📸 Overview of the Video
– Introduction to the goal of recovering blurry photos using different software.
– Three examples presented for testing with varying levels of blur.
01:31 🛠️ Topaz Photo AI
– Topaz Photo AI demonstrated for upscaling and recovering details.
– Notable features include face recovery, noise removal, and offline capabilities.
– Issues encountered with eye distortion in specific cases.
04:14 🖌️ Remini
– Remini online tool tested for photo enhancement.
– Impressive results in recovering out-of-focus faces.
– Limitations observed, such as lack of detailed control and potential artifacts.
05:38 📷 Photor
– Photor's unblurring tool explored, providing credit-based enhancements.
– Positive outcomes observed, particularly in face and hair details.
– Some drawbacks noted, such as unwanted additions and changes in facial features.
06:49 🚫 Luminar Neo and On1 No Noise AI
– Luminar Neo and On1 No Noise AI tested for super sharp and noise reduction.
– Limited success observed, with neither tool providing significant improvements.
– Considered less effective for the specific task of recovering blurry photos.
08:12 🎨 Canva Enhancer
– Surprising use of Canva for photo enhancement showcased.
– Limited functionalities due to free user status, but impressive results in some cases.
– Canva's simplicity and ease of use highlighted.
09:22 🌐 Comparative Analysis
– Detailed comparison of results from Topaz, Remini, Photor, and Canva.
– Emphasis on strengths and weaknesses of each tool for specific image types.
– Encouragement for viewers to download provided PSDs for personal analysis.
15:56 🏆 Conclusion and Recommendation
– Difficulty in declaring a single "best" tool due to varied performance in different areas.
– Suggested approach: Using Topaz as a go-to tool and complementing with other tools for specific enhancements.
– Encouragement to subscribe, like, and engage in the comparison analysis shared in the video.

мужик, ты ваще топ! малаца

Canva is so difficult to downoad/install/begin, that I cannot even navigate their their dreadful website. Do not recommend these losers.

That second pic already looks heavily photoshopped like none of those people were together in the first place

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