Unlock 2024 with Morgen: The Ultimate Calendar Guide

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15 Euro per month. Hello Morgen, goodbye Morgen.

I liked the video before I saw It – got a good feeling about this one!

How is ocmpared to sunsama, timestripe, aki flow or motion

Is the task and calendar synchronization bi-directional? If the original task is in Microsoft ToDo and you mark it complete in Morgan, will it complete in Todo?

Thanks for the great review @keepproductive! We're just about to release also integration with Notion and Linear, and with that we improved further our general task management experience!

It's really frustrating how limited the iOS app is. I was super impressed by Morgen on my Mac and then when I opened the iOS app it only supports one of my calendar accounts and is missing many of the other features.

I use this to plan my every day

Nice app, but you can only set recurring tasks by putting them in your calendar.

I love the desktop app in both linux and mac and even though the mobile is not as good, I am sure there are going to up upgrades soon! I use some of these features everyday and I think the usability is really amazing!

Just great to mi mix life and work

All apps want to be TickTick

I've been using this app for a year and a half, and I couldn't work without it anymore! It stores all my calendars, both private and work, so that I can manage my time nicely and avoid getting overwhelmed by tasks! Just perfect 🔥

Whats wrong with apple calendar

I subscribed to Morgen pro recently and am hugely impressed.

I have been enjoying Morgen. The color-coded tag system is what sealed the deal for me. I'm a paper planner for most things but this is so easy and effective, I don't feel like I'm spending time building a system. It's what I need, when I need it and when I don't I can forget about it.

Notion is now integrated

I just started to use this after your video the other day. I really do think it is the best option for me in 2024. The integrations are fantastic. It even has a nice student discount. Great video!

These AI comments on all these videos are embarrassing for society….

They released a very great Notion Tasks Integration! Well this new feature and having the opportunity to really integrate ALL OF DIFFERENT calender types, makes morgen the only one go to tool!

My biggest use calendar view ‘Monthly’ is not available and Agenda does not serve the same purpose for me. Pity need to uninstall.

Thanks for the vid. Morgen seems impressive.

⏰ Get Morgen – toolfinder.co/go/morgen-calendar

00:00 – Morgen Calendar Review
00:18 – What is Morgen Calendar?
00:38 – What does it do?
01:33 – Pros of Using Morgen
06:12 – Cons of Using Morgen
07:29 – Should I Get Morgen?

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