Unlock 85% Off Hostinger & Free Domain: 2023 Guide

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They must be paying you well

Haha i was the first viewer!!

Can I pay in USDT?

I don’t care much I can save for the first year, I care how much it cost me in the future and these prices are before tax. So on top of that, you have to pay taxes, which is not very transparent to me as a customer. I cannot even see how much I will have to pay „after“ the big discount? If they would display the complete amount of money I have to pay on the future, I would consider getting it… but they don’t do it, so I say no thank you

Thank you ferdy please can you explain how to link between hostinger and system. Io

Please ferdy when I make subdomain it doesn't have security can you solve it for me

I am moving from SG to this. $600 to renew Sg for 1year but $150 here for 4years. SG is great but just have to reconsider other pricing options. So far, this is reasonable.

Thanks Ferdy for the video. Question about a problem I have: I built my site in Local (following your other tutorials :). When I click on the WP Admin button in my account on Hostinger, Safari and Chrome will not open to the site. It just gives me a ‘server can’t be found’ error message. However, I can open to it on my Windows laptop, just not on my Mac that I built the site on. Any idea why? I’ve tried some of the suggestions from Hostinger support, but no success yet. Seems like there is something preventing me from logging in properly. Thanks for any help, and thanks for your good tutorials. I’ve learned a lot from them.

Thanks Ferdy too much, you are really raising the bar so high. I need to ask you a question, hope I will get the answer to solve a problem I'm facing at hostinger. I have bought four domains last year with premium hosting, all from hostinger. This year they send me an email to renew the premium hosting, and I did that. But what happened was as I have bought a new premium hosting and I've got a free domain. Now, hostinger is still asking me to pay for renew the previous web hosting and, they diactivated 3 of my previous websites, I sent them many messages through the support page, and an email asking them to add my four websites to the new premium hosting but till now, nothing is happening. So, please could you help me do that and get all my website active. I appreciate any help too much. Thanks in advance for any support.

I noticed your website is on Google cloud. Is this still through Hostinger and which plan?

You always get what you paid for.

Is anyone else struggling to log into their Hostinger Admin Accounts this BF weekend or is it just me?

You're doing such a great service to all of us here! Much appreciated🤟🙏!

Hello Ferdy, thanks for all you've tought me through the years.
I have a question for you regarding Hostinger: I understand they offer to migrate a site from a former server, and someone will do it for you, but do they, as SiteGround does, offer some kind of tool to migrate more than that initial site?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ferdy is this service still on

hi please make a tuturial how to make food or health related websites with hostinger and tell all things how to customize theme and which plugins needs and which one theme is best and how to import demo etc its a request kindly make a tuturial

also tell about ahrefs

My hosting is about to expire, and I'm looking at other hosting providers to pay for a "first year" price. I've always wondered, can current customers apply for these discounts? how do hosting companies keep track of returning customers so that the discounts don't apply to them? By the domains they've hosted? by credit card number?

I was looking for a new hosting company to migrant, and as you recommend Hostinger, I am moving on to it. Just purchased from your referal link with the code, you helped me, I help you by letting them pay you. haha! thanks, Ferdy, always. I learn many things from you for years.

any body thinking about going with hostinger needs to go to there website and look for support there is none

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