Unlock Flawless Skin Tones in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide

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i have been finding solution for fixing the skintones after using preses on my photos and now my search is over. photoshop may be invented by someone else but you are the GOD of photoshop and Im proud that you are Indian

Hallo Unmesh, dass ist seit 14 Jahren YouTube mein erster Kommentar. Weil ich Dir Danke sagen möchte für dein Input. Ich liebe deine Tutorials und immer wenn ich nach einer Lösung in Photoshop suche, suche ich zuerst auf deinem Kanal! Danke! Ich hätte noch eine Frage. Ich würde sehr gerne Plug Ins oder Actions von dir erwerben und anwenden, weiß aber nicht ob es mit Photoshop Deutsch funktioniert. Weil die Ebenen und die Werkzeuge anders heißen. Hast Du da Erfahrung damit? Ganz liebe Grüße und nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für deine mega Videos

I've been watching your tutorials for so many years and I just have to say how much I appreciate you! Not only do you share so much of your knowledge for free but the additions you throw in, like the skin tone palate, is just so generous. Bless you!

I can see you are back to Mac 🙂

my number one photoshop tutorial

Wish you were my photography professor. Literally everything I've had to learn is from this channel. I regret college.

Where can I down that same colour palette u using with codes

No more muddy faces for me thanks to you!

Def subscribing for more photoshop inspo.

This is really cool!

I can't believe how easy you made that look.

Subscribed AND shared with all my photo peeps.

Gonna experiment more with skin tones now.

Blown away by the results.

Skin tones used to be my biggest struggle.

skin tones – nailed it!

Gonna show my mom for sure!

Nice tip on the curves adjustment, gonna have to play around with that.

This video is skin tone perfection.

Def gonna try this on some old family photos.

You cracked the code, dude!

Wow that skin tone picker is a gamechanger!

WOW! what a phantastic workflow! thank you so much!

For some reason on my photoshop the color palette wont become a layer on my picture how can I fix this?

Thanks a lot you're the best Photoshop teacher

You are good but you are too much talking 😂

That's not cheating…that's just being smart.

You are fantastic …………….🥰


What pisses me off about photoshop is this… why is it shift+ctrl to make that work? I keep forgetting what it is and I have to come back to this ONE video to figure it out again… so WHAT is shirft+ctrl doing ????

it doesnt allow to change the out put value of the curve whenever i try. the out put box turn into gray

A Japanese girl would say he ruined her skin tone 😂 they love it white as snowflakes 💀 😂

Jokes aside: You are the King of PS!

Hi! I wanted to follow the tutorial but I keep encountering this problem: I can't find the average Blur in photoshop cs6, doesn't it include that option? Can You help me, please?

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