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I've just created a brand-new version of this workflow that's way easier to use. Here's how to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3pymMz0o-M

Can you please upload a video of

How to use all this process on an android phone?

I want to convert my old audio files to text.
Thanks and Gbu.

How safe is Whisper?
Is there any Chinese involvement in all this process and use of the software?

I do not want to share my data with any Chinese app or company.

i cant find the code on the link

10 min. of commercials before getting into the video. Forget it!

Dude, it's too complex… way too many steps invovled.


You can do that with siri shortcuts too, and record straight from your apple watch (without a cloud folder for storing audio) and send it to you app of choice (as longs as you can access its folder or it has siri shortcuts enabled).

I set this up some months ago. It's a relevation to be able to extemporaneously speak your ideas or thread, record it and then upload it, only to get this transcription with bullet points and summary emitted a few minutes later. I have quite a few spoken notes to transcription plus summary so if there's any single use for AI that I actually use, this is it.

great video. I'm encountering a duration limit. Any recording more than 14 mins i get a failure. Any idea?

I wish if notion AI integrated a similar thing within notion it self, that would be huge

Super! Thanks for introducing me to a completely new way of working. I was left dumbfounded how much one can do with online automation. You need to understand though that American English is the new programming language. This puts native speakers of English at an immense advantage.

how can we create an android/ios app using the workflow? could you provide some guidance please

That would be good for who does podcasts, they should give also the text.

This is genius!! Thank you so so much for such a thorough and practical tutorial!

did i miss it somewhere or was the actual flow never shown in action?

I love it absolute brilliant😊😊😊

I want to be able to add in extra GPT prompts to refine my transcripts, with their new workflow I cannot see how to do that since everything is {{steps}} – with the video and the new documentation, it's too hard to make everything work. It's not testing well and keeps failing on the /tmp/recording.{{step…..etc}} part. even though I am adding in extra audio and time syncs etc etc – I would love a little help

This is the most important video of my life right now. I waste so much time in note taking and I have so much knowledge to gather. Thank you so much for this!

Shouldn’t we all be careful about what kind of info we put on the web? Suspect that my competitors will see my ideas.

The use case is great, but it uses a lot of Cloud services with all sorts of privacy risks – I wonder if someone knows of or will come up with a similar workflow that downscale that privacy risk by using more open source and/or local tools – any ideas?

Thanks a lot for such brilliant tutorial

It stucks in the openai_chat step now!!
the error is
SyntaxError: The requested module 'openai' does not provide an export named 'Configuration'
2.Code Error
The requested module 'openai' does not provide an export named 'OpenAIApi'

please help.
the new method doesn't allow us to customise the prompt and format of the notes.
so I'm stuck with this .

This is good for memos and to do items/notes to self to not forget but not for notes-notes.
Do not use this if you are a student. There is plenty of research showing how handwriting notes is beneficial. and you benefit double if you actually write them in a dialogue-style asking yourself questions about the things you are reading/summarizing. I am a professor and there is a real issue with people's inability to retain conceptual understanding and make connections between knowledge units they gained in different parts of a class or even two classes. Letting machine learning do a lot of unnecessary work, I'm all for but thinking that machine learning mechanisms can do everything for you is dangerous. I find the topic of machine learning support extremely interesting and I am definitely all for appropriate use cases but I also want people to understand what over-reliance does do them. (also, let's call it ML, which is what it is. AI is all marketing)
When I do open book exams and see people completely unable to make the necessary connections because they think there's an algorithm that will remember everything for them, I get a bit worried. No algorithm will replace the ability to build your own base of experience and knowledge.

Great tutorial with perfect explanation, for someone who is his doctor is speaking pure language, e.g English. But in our university doctor are mixing between Arabic and English and a little bit of Germany or Russian etc., according to the university that he studied at.
It will makes Chatgpt quite easily 😅

Great tutorial with perfect explanation, for someone who is his doctor is speaking pure language, e.g English. But in our university doctor are mixing between Arabic and English and a little bit of Germany or Russian etc., according to the university that he studied at.
It will makes Chatgpt quite easily 😅

I stopped at 3min 10 sec as all the initials and acronyms left me totally lost. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Does this work on PC for recording teams calls?

Very informative tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Hey! I have an issue during the step create_transcription like" Configuration error

/tmp/record.m4a does not exist" but in previous step I had a success like "Successfully downloaded the file, "******.m4a". Could anybody know why it happens? In OpenAI I see transaction like -0.15$ each time I'm trying to do this step

Can we babystep it and start with trying to get whisper to work?

It took me way longer than ten minutes to set this up, between switching back and forth between tabs and rewinding this. lol It also doesn't help that ChatGPT is broken right now for file uploads, so it won't test successfully. 😛 But I'm looking forward to getting this working!

Billion dollar global insight for real life, movie, anime, or thesis to feedback to management and max profits. When people use audio recording app to take down their ideas verbally, it does not come out in a perfectly formed paragraph. There are many editing that is spoken aloud. Here is where ChatGPT AI comes in to solve said problem, where developers can create a note taking app with ChatGPT tech, where users can use Siri to voice memo record their audio notes or ideas. ChatGPT create a second audio file version (in consideration of verbal edits or added disjointed keywords) with text translation based on second version.

Bro.. I want that audio record and upload also automated.. from phone call to automatically transcribe and save..

Would be nice to mention that you need Paid Subscription to deploy this workflow. But thank you for great tutorial anyway 🙂

most beautiful reviewer on YouTube!! such a handsome man

Hi, great tutorial. Thanks. Would you be aware of a free alternative to pipedream by any chance?

What a lovely simple user friendly process you created .. personaly use speach to text and use brain to write the content

Great video! I couldn't find the formatter code. Where can I locate it?

How do I set this up for my Granny? She wants to record her books easier.

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