Unlocking Adobe Illustrator's Latest Gem: The Full Guide

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Magnifique, merci beaucoup

your sound sucks but you are legend

I started using adobe a week ago for the first time. Thank you for your vids they are so helpful

Great – thank you for the video:)

The dimension tool is great for measuring mural designs, simple room plans, wall decals and the most importantly – textile prints. Whenever I needed to make a simple summary document including such designs I used Corel Draw (which has this tool for ages) or some paid Illustrator plugins to do this thing quickly. I'm so happy it is now a standard tool.

In my opinion, it should be emphasized more (and right at the beginning) in the future that these tools are only available in the beta version. OK, at least you mentioned it somewhere in the middle of your video, but earlier, after i had watched a previous video of another youtuber, I spent unnecessary time looking for the dimensions tool in my normal (not beta) Illustrator.

As a Designer who deals with typography, logo and packaging. This tools come in handy. Really helpful info. Thank you Satori.

Great vid, thank you! Can you save and rename the project specific mini toolbars for future repeated use?

I think it’s pretty good and at least a good start. Compared to hot doors cad tools for illustrator it’s kinda weak sauce. But for the majority of users out there it probably does everything they need.

Great for me as I do signs and need to show clients the size for them to confirm.

Dimension tools – is usually only for final presentation. But! Is totaly unusual tool cose IS not a dynamic tool 🙂

The last logo can be a new vent for your house that sucks air out of the room when you cook and its smokey or if a bad smell fills the room and you need to clean the air. "P.U. Purifiers & Vents". New company making waves in the ventilation industry! 😎

If you're professionally designing packaging, you're either creating the structure yourself in ArtiosCAD or similar software that will give you the dimensions when loading it into Illustrator for the graphics; or you're getting the structure file from someone else that would also have the dimensions.

As for the logo and branding aspect. The artwork is a vector graphic, it will be scalable to whatever size you need so the dimensions seem … silly? The only use case I can see for the dimensions tools is when creating a brand guide and you're mapping out direct use-case scenarios for your logos. Anybody else have any ideas?

Wild, I didn't know Ai was lacking a dimension tool. I've been using CorelDRAW for so long that I'm finding out I was spoiled after switching to Affinity Designer, which now…is the only one without a dimension tool, lol. AF Designer, fraction of the price for a fraction of the features.

FYI You can make all the modifications you need by simply using the properties panel. No ungrouping or recreating the measurement required

Appreciate it boss.

Its easy – detached octopus arm trying to stell letters. Yes, thats what i see

Seems like Illustrator is trying to AutoCAD 🧐

Dansky also had a video about that new dimension tool. He showed how to edit the font. When you use the tool it creates a new layer called Dimension and everything created with that tool comes in on that layer. I think you had to click the entire group from the layer and then from the properties panel (or that gear) you could edit the font size as well as the styles of the strokes. I think that’s how it worked anyway.

Corel draw have last so many years

but yolu would design packaging in indesign, not illustrator..?

I work in a sign shop and this new tool will save me tons of time since I don't have to feed my designs into Flexisign now to do dimensional drawings (CAD-style) and layouts. BIG time saver for designers like me.

Hello, even though I have the latest update of Illustrator, the dimension tool option is still not active for me and I don't have it in my toolbar, can you help me see where the problem is?

Still in beta or is out now?

I see a Man escaping through an air vent 😅

Satori Graphics, Dėkoju už šį įrašą – atskleidėte keletą gudrybių, palengvinote šriftų atpažinimo būdą AI pagalbą 🙂

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