Unlocking Creativity: Notion's Button Revolution

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That button feature is incredible. It makes creating templates for yourself so simple.

Brilliant feature!
Two questions:
1) how can I connect the 'Completion' option with the default tasks made with the button?
2) I cannot find the option of relating 'this page' in the task,
2.5) As I would like to be able to label each task to their project/episode, as when I have multiple projects, there are all the same tasks with the same name in the task database which is hard to differentiate with each other. I suppose it has to do with the problem I have with 2) ?
Thank you in advance for helping!

Good Applications bro!! But I am facing a problem while setting suggested due date property. Here Iam using it for my Projects and Tasks. I have used roll-up to display project deadline in Tasks Database, but when Iam applying formula for suggested due date, iam getting error as, prop ("Project Deadline") is not a date property…. Please help me regarding this.

this is so complicated. they should've also kept the original template, that allowed you to drag a page into the button and then all you had to do was hit create.

This is an amazing video!! Question about the relative due date formula – I have my "Projects" and "Tasks" in separate databases – they have relations, but when trying to create the offset formula in the "Tasks" database, it won't link to the "Due" date in the "Projects" database which is what I need! It seems you were able to here and I'm curious how? I tried using a rollup which also didn't work. Thank you!!!

You should teach a Notion course at Harvard. No kidding.

Hi Thomas, is your ultimate brain template updated with this new Button feature?

Man, they could make this more amazing by prompting for values/input…

Great future and brilliant lecture. Thanks for that.

This is great! Can this also work with subtasks when using a button to add default tasks to a project?

For the tasks button, it looks like the tasks get listed in the reverse order from how it is listed in the button setup page.

This is not very intuitive for me, especially when tasks are added to the bottom of the list when you create them individually.

I feel like I'm the picky one here, because I am searching online and haven't found a single complaint about this.

Does anyone know why after I create the task via button the order is random? Shouldn't it be in the order I created them?

Anyone tried implementing the habit tracker? What does naming the created record @Today do? In my case it’s just naming it the same day (not actually today) each time.

Subscribed to your channel. Very impressed by your knowledge, organizational skills and the fact that you are a musician. New favorite channel

Dude I love you, this is amazing I am learning a lot from you this past couple of weeks since I started Notion and I don't have enough words to tell you how grateful I am to your videos💯

/butt 😂 sorry about that. Thanks for sharing Frank! Just love your content

Please note that tasks will show in reverse order in DB!

Say, in the button, you create your pages in this order




In DB, they will display as




Dragging through the button is a pain! 😭😭

(But, I'm so glad it's finally available! 🥰)

Has anyone else had trouble getting @ThomasFrankExplains relative dates trick (22:21) formula to work? The problem is the formatting of the Publish Date rollup. Notion can't seem to parse it and it creates an error in the dateSubtract formula. Can anybody relate?

There wouldn't happen to be a way to create a button/method to clear out a property in a Database would there? I have a unique usecase where I think this feature would be very valuable. I've been searching all over and can't seem to find any way to do this or a workaround that would be helpful. For example, I have two databases that are related to each other, and if I wanted a way to disconnect the relation I have to do it manually. Would there be a way to make a button for this? the 'edit" feature doesn't really have this.

How do we create the filter where we only see tasks for that project?

Not begining friendly…

Hey, thanks for sharing this video! I've have been using buttons for a while now and it's helping to save a lot of time. I have a question though, is there a way to create an URL where I can save it to my bookmarks bar in order to activate this button directly from any other website?

If i'm creating a quick note on something, I'd rather click on a bookmark that opens my template rather than opening the notion page where that button is located and only then perform the command..

This was helpful but i think Notion has a added a change where you now have to add the page, then edit it or it wont pull the custom name for the task and instead pulls the template name – which is very stupid.

I tried using “@today” and it doesn’t work. It’s not dynamic. This means, if i click this button tomorrow, the value would be “@yesterday😢

i am really curious about how you added a select/ multiselect property in the place of title of the table view? if anyone knows plz comment and guide me

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