Unlocking Creativity with Notion API: A Beginner's Guide

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📌📌📌 This pinned comment contains links/answers for if you get stuck AND important updates. Please read it if you need help!


1. Please consult the written version. I've added deep explanations, diagrams, and TONS of additional links and videos that can teach you literally anything mentioned here that doesn't initially make sense: https://thomasjfrank.com/notion-api-crash-course/

2. Read the comments in my index.js code at my full Glitch project: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/notion-pokedex

3. Remix my Glitch project, add your .env variables (detailed starting at 16:58), and run it. Then start changing things and tinkering.

4. EMBRACE getting stuck. Realize that getting stuck is part of the process, and believe in your ability to push through a steep learning curve. If I can do it, you can do it!

5. Ask for help here in the comments. I may not always be able to answer, but others might have the insight you're looking for. Additionally, seek out communities that can help you with coding problems such as Stack Overflow.

6. If you are new to JavaScript, I highly recommend going through freeCodeCamp's beginner-level JavaScript course. This is how I learned, and I didn't even go through the whole thing. I've only done the Basic JS and ES6 modules; they gave me enough of a foundation to start reading the MDN docs and understanding them: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/


1. I've just created two additional API tutorials!

– How to Query a Notion Database with More than 100 Rows: https://thomasfrank.notion.site/Query-a-database-with-more-than-100-rows-Pagination-1de2e1a4314c462990967ee23da865ed

– Get the Highest Value from a Number Property in a Database: https://thomasfrank.notion.site/Get-Highest-Number-Value-from-a-Database-ae387fa0e1c54288bb0dc81021da870c

2. As of today (3/2/23) the Page Properties reference in the Notion API Reference (https://developers.notion.com/reference/property-value-object) contains examples for both setting page properties (POST requests) and reading page properties (GET requests).

Why does my glitch not show and "index.no-comments.js"?

you're god! thanks for sharing

Fuck youre the best!

Can someone explain to me as if I were 5 years old: how is this Javascript stuff with Notion API different/better/worse than using Zapier?

Hi Thomas! I wanted to thank you very much for your latest video, it has been of great help to me. I know you invested a lot of time and effort into it, and I want you to know that your dedication does not go unnoticed. I really appreciate all the work you do on your channel and the quality of your content.

I hope you continue to do this excellent work and that you can continue to inspire and help more people like me. I wish you the best and look forward to your next videos. Thanks again for everything!😊😊🎉

Well I must say all I want is to populate my Pokemon database. And at 20:39 it kinda gets glossed over as fas as what to do to activate the integration. My apologies if it's something simple that I didn't pick up on. I see that you've done something with the code in glitch.

I’m up to the point of testing for the first time and all it’s giving me is a blank response ; I don’t have time right this second to blindly trouble shoot as it’s late so I’m posting this in hopes of somebody pushing me in the right direction ; I thought I was following word for word except for using the latest axious update

u're literally so hot i can't even focus ahahahha

Just want to let you know I purchased the second brain and creator bundle purely as a "thank you" for you making these detailed high quality videos.

Thank you

Incredible video!!! Keep it up! Your explanations, production quality, and everything were all top notch. Thank you for sharing this!

Hello there
Thanks Thomas for this marvelous video, but I have qustion:
When I open your blog and copy the checkpoint where ‏‪55:53‬‏ is stop, but the code said that there are error, in notionhq/client and said that request fial
I cheack the API token for notion and database link in env, both are correct.

Thomas, thank you for this amazing tutorial.
I've just gone through it all and I learned a lot! I'm ready to go and work on the pipeline project you made with ChatGPT, which will make my PhD work much faster and easier!
I started following you back when I was starting university almost 6 years ago! It's amazing how even through my PhD your work is still extremelly useful and valuable!
I love your stuff!

I gotta say, incredibly well done video. Great job man!

Thanks for putting this together, Thomas. This is such a great 101, 102 🙏

Thank you so much for this video and this YouTube Channel..

That's awesome! Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing more cool videos from you in the future.

Awesome tutorial! Thank you!

Great job, Thomas!

Thomas, you are the one! Thanks from Italy! Amazing job, I was a programmer with little experience in javascript and API (only C language), I completely understand everything, and of course all works very well!

Thanks, man! we really really appreciate what you do! thank you

I'm looking forward for a way to write some code within notion that let's me create a form that is inside a notion pages, that updates a database.
For context: I want to be able to create a form that records all income and expenses for a business, but using the form to avoid mistakes and typos. And later I want to display some stats and graphs on that database.

The question is: Is this possible?
If so, can you tell me some steps, I will later do the the research and hard work, but what I Have found so far is not helping me.

For more context, I'm able to write some python if that helps

ChatGPT can write a decent customizable python API for Notion easily

I am a professional js dev. the way this video exaplains about js and other development related stuff are all comprehensive and well constructed not only for people who have no coding experience in js but also for developers as well. Nice work there! 🫶

HELP – Glitch was purchased by Fastly, and now it’s not at all obvious where/how/if you can do this on Fastly— any input/help would be appreciated.

Good work on closing that move ring. Keep it up champ!

How do I find other Notion API Projects?

This is a great tutorial, thank you for making it

This is absolutely amazing of you to do. Thank you so much! I have been trying to teach myself how to code and like you, I have been struggling to find something that is suitable for an ABSOLUTE beginner. This has been extremely helpful for me in achieving my goal, and I just want you to know how much you are appreciated for this! I truly enjoy all of your videos, actually how I got obsessed with Notion and all of it's capabilities. Absolutely amazing program. Thanks again!

Simply incredible! Extremely grateful that there are people like you who generate quality content explained in detail and so clearly!

Can this be done using python instead of JS?

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