Unlocking Notion's Secrets: Formulas 2.0 Deep Dive

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Hey friends! This video is a deep-dive build that will show you how to use a ton of the brand-new functions in Notion Formulas 2.0.

We also just updated our Notion formulas guide with reference pages for every new function: https://thomasjfrank.com/formulas/notion-formula-reference/

Check that site out if you're looking for more beginner-level content or need a reference for any of the functions while building your own formulas.

HUGE props to Ben Smith on my team, who took on the task of updating all my docs himself. In the near future, we'll add example databases to every function page to make the guide even more interactive.

We're also working on some more formulas-related video content for this channel, along with lots of updates to our templates. This is a MASSIVE new Notion feature, so we've got a lot of work to do to fully take advantage of it.

More videos coming soon!

I love that you used Pokemon names to make this easier to understand. You're the best! ✨

Excited to play around with the new Notion formulas, thanks for the video!

Bro, i really need your help, currently im working on a notion integration, im building a company around it (and other integrations for other platforms), right now im stuck, i have no way of testing the notion OAuth flow without my integration going public, but i cant do that yet, i dont have things like landing pages, terms of use and privacy policies ready, what could i do?

Okay okay beautiful but how are you automating pulling metric data regularly on videos into the database

now THIS is the state of the art of personal productivity

The Replace function is giving me a nose bleed.

Thank you very much Thomas !!

Hi Thomas. I have a dashboard where, similar to you examples, I have multiple databases that have some relation in common. I have to set the filter in each view for the same variable if I want to see filtered data. This is a bit frustrating and time consuming. Is it possible to have a single place on the dashboard where i can filter and all the different views update accordingly? Like a header row with filter controls that control all the views simultaneously. Thanks

is there a way to get the name of the formula property from inside the formula? for example a formula property named "MyFormula" should have a string output "MyFormula" in every cell

You spelt Gastly wrong – unsubbed.

Thank you so much this! i do however, have one problem. What if the values in my relation property are identical for more than one item, so for example suppose that you have two videos with an identical number in the "view" property of say 500, when you apply the formula in the first half of this tutorial, it unfortunately will not be able to distinguish between the two and returns the same YouTube video name for both.

thank you so much
best think in this version is style property

Thank you so, so much for explaining in such great detail these updated formulas. I'm a non-technical person, but am too curious to learn more about coding. If I also may say, your voice is quite mesmerizing and the portrayed confidence and intelligence is an assured turn on 😊😅

Please create a video for notion formula 2.0 for a complete beginner

That replace() function messed me up… LOL!

I gotta rewatch that a few more times.


6 seconds ago

I wish I could call out to a backlink rather than needing the add more explicit relations to my database that I'm creating a formula for.

Maybe Notion will add this to the next update? …or I'm doing something wrong.

Hey Thomas, my name is Ofek and I really enjoy your content. I want to ask if you can give free alternative to chat GPT thank you appreciate it

I feel like a bunch of steps where missed her, can you do a version for beginners, this made my brain hurt

Looks a lot like Coda formulas 🤔

So helpful! Thanks a lot!

What is the best way to filter data from an another database?

Thank you for this video but I’m lost after slice 😵‍💫

gutes Video, muss ich denn in der relation property alle Werte der referenzierten Tabelle manuell hinzufügen? geht das nicht irgendwie einfacher?

Great tutorial. Learn lots. At 38:32, I figured out that you can get away from using multiple replace calls by using `replaceAll()` and this regex expression : `video.prop("Views").replaceAll( "(d)(?=(d{3})+$)", "$1," )` .

Thank you sooooo much!
I was struggling for a few days with how to manage Formulas 2.0 and every tutorial on YouTube wasn't deep enought… except by yours!
I really mean it!!!!

11:12: One can now sort by e.g. the first element in an array ("sort(current.at(0))"). I don't know if this was available from the start of Formulas 2.0, or if it's a new feature, but it does make a bunch of things a lot easier.

36:32: Regex mnemonic: w stands for "word", and d stands for "digit".

This is amazing. Does anyone know if you could create new relation to another database in formula property tho? that would be so helpful

This is so insanely good. I'm building my own life management system in notion and I've been using formulas but I realized I was still very limited because I'm definitely not using everything, and I was having a hard time understanding them at times. I can't thank you enough for this.

Great video, highly commend! One question please, is it possible to achieve the following?
if word A is included in column B, output content of column B and bold word A in the output result? I believe, in other words, conditional inline formatting. Wondering if this is possible in Notion? Greatly appreciate!

Hello thank you for the video question do you have a formula that includes numbers after decimal to the right? So let’s say 1,000,000.33. Your replace formula doesn’t include decimal

Hi Thomas,
Thank. you for the wonderful videos. Been learning alot. I am struggling a bit to apply the mapping funcition on number properties.
I have Database A and Database B that are linked through a relation I want to return in Database A a sum of only those records on Database B that are within a certain date range. How do you suggest I go about doing that?

For linking to each notion page, at 24:40 – Linking to Each Notion Page, you could also use the built-in ID function, instead of generating a new property (formula = id()). Here is the code of the alternative way:
"paper icon".link(id(Video))

So great! It would be amazing if you could explain how to cross-reference non-numeric information from databases using formulas

Thank you Thomas!

hi, i'm trying to create a formula that goes like if a relation is empty it should show like a word and I'm very confused was wondering if you could help?

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