Unveiling Todoist Workspaces: A New Era of Productivity

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Will you be using Todoist for work?
Get Todoist workspaces here: https://toolfinder.co/go/todoist

No folder or workspaces option for me. Do I need to add a team first? I’m on the pro plan.

Thought the review was about features, so not sure why pricing is made an issue

Looks interesting and something I will be exploring…

Im curious if u could cover tools/shortcuts ways to work productively with company hardware. All the stuff i wanna try is blocked, other than the google suite

Seems interesting, I love Todoist, I have introduced it in my team recently. But at this time I don’t understand very well what’s the advantage of this new feature and creating boards shared with my colleagues.

having used Omnifocus for years, I became persuaded, not least, because of all the hype on YouTube, to switch to Todoist about eight or nine months ago.

I really worked hard to get the most out of it and yet now I find myself back on Omnifocus. the first thing to say is that Omnifocus is a proper application. Todoist has the look and feel of something in a web wrapper. that’s probably because it is a Web app. while it is user-friendly, the problem with it, is that the more you use it the more time you have to spend tending it like a garden. And as a Omnifocus user, the amount of pain caused by the lack of defer dates in the end makes it a complete dealbreaker.

Please do a video detailing how Todoist's new Workspaces will work with Twist to help team and project management. Thanks.

This is all great. I just don’t understand why a hashtag has to be next to everything. I wish there was a way to change it to an icon of your choice.

The only thing Todoist lacks is starting dates.
They say it would hide tasks until the beginning, but Things 3 manages this very well (sadly without a web interface and collaborative features). It's so important for my workflow and peace of mind that I can't switch to Todoist, for now.
@todoist Why don't you make the break with starting dates?
@things Why don't you take advantage of your unique approach (features and UX) opening yourself to the web or with a real API?

This will certainly be a good way for me as an individual, to separate out my uni and voluntary work from my personal projects. 🙂

It's not so much that Todoist is underpriced as everything else is overpriced. What sets Todoist apart is that it has grown organically under the same owner — it's never taken seed money. And in a tech world where most believe that to survive you need to chase funding, scale & market share ASAP…It's no wonder that most productivity Apps at base level charge $8+ p/m…yet still spin their wheels trying to match feature sets to their audience. Because they're run by a committee with $ signs in their eyes and this introduces wasteful spending and inflationary pricing.

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