Upgrade Your Hosting with Hostinger: Save Big!

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Can I ask, which software you use for screen and face recording and for the postproduction? Thank you for your opinion. Best regards 🙂

Is it a bit misleading for Hostinger to say "300 websites" on their Cloud plans? Just asking because a typical wordpress website with elementor would generally require 768MB. So if you have 20 different wordpress websites with elementor, the RAM requirement alone would be 768MB x 20 (equals about 15GB) which is exceeding the Cloud Enterprise feature of 12GB RAM already.

Leuke update opnieuw …goed bezig! 😎😎😎😎😎

Does Hostinger provide discounts on renewals?

I took your advice and went with hostinger…that was the worst decision ever. ZERO customer support, took me 2 hours on 3 occasions to get in touch with a human and they weren't really helpful either 😕 cancelation was a trouble as well. I will advice anyone to STAY AWAY from Hostinger!

Make a video of creating an author dashboard for WordPress blogging (jnews theme) website. I love you from Rwanda 🇷🇼

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