Craft Your Own Amazon: A Web Design Odyssey 2024

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Those who think this guy is a Legend

Sir please do react js full stack projects

Hi Sir
Please upload a food delivery app Part 2 video

I've not been able to join your membership ny card keep on declining

Sir can you make video player html css javascript

Man, you are absolutely amazing. Great explanation.Thank you.

@greatstack how else can i join your community, ny card doesn't allow ne to join your community, so i can get tye source code

Please create a multi page LMS website both with HTML , CSS and js /// React.JS

Plz bring One react course bro plz from basic scratch to advanced plz like your javascript one same

Sir; what happened for food delivery website specially backend

we want the backend of this project. like this comment if you want too. ๐Ÿ™‚

You did not use an API. does not even have a add to cart function not a good project.

What is the difference between this Amazon clone and that one a month ago

can you make one video? How to become a full stack developer freelancer and what skills are most important.

We where waiting for you to complete the other delivery website you posted last week

I think many people are waiting for the completion of the project

As for me am actually waiting for both payment and other part to be completed

Sir you create this video also in past


Sir, you are awesome but here's a request Sir, please make full mern stack projects as much as possible.
Ebooks downloader
Blog webapp
Gym site
Please please please please๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ

nice my developer bro

Im trying to implement a proper gallery with next and previous buttons which shows for every product that is clicked. Can i make this function resuable so that i can have a gallery for every product with next and previous buttons?, if yes, how can i make it reusable? Please tell, I'm making a job project.

sir how to master css please

Welcome back to my street CSS, JS and HTML)๐Ÿ˜„

Thank you sir for putting great effort for us.

Please make one banking system website

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