Crafting Your Creative Portfolio with WordPress & Elementor

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Hi ferdy, I love all your web designer teachings on YouTube, you have really amazing contents Thank you so much
Please can you create a video on how to create a website like Fiverr and freelancer, I really enjoy and learn from your contents

my mentor i need support to start my own chanel and share my skills to the world i just need a camera please?

Thank you Ferdy, you help many people ❤

Hi Ferdy, great to see this video. But since January [actually since 2023], I have been waiting for your Elementor Pro tutorial, which you said was coming soon. I check your channel everyday since the last month or so. Please, do we still expect the Pro tutorial or is it no longer coming? Please let me know.

I'm from Bangladesh……Sir I am watching your five hour video of wordpress doing a side build. Alhamdulillah I am getting very good results and I have watched the rest of the videos with the play list. I have been watching a lot of your videos for the last two weeks. A separate video on how to put social media in the blog section would have been very helpful. You had another video on how to research blog articles. But a video on how to edit a blog section from scratch would have been great for me. And your video editing was tough, especially when you zoomed in on the sections. Getting ready to watch the current affiliate video, hope to get something good thanks.

hello mr.ferdy, I've been watching your videos on how to get approve for AdSense, on the 26 february it was declined because of "LOW VALUE CONTENT", but I cant see were I went wrong to get declined for that reason, id be grateful if you help me and show me what's wrong and how to fix it…thank you All the way from SOUTH AFRICA.

Could you also do the portfolio filter without an extra plugin, just Elementor Pro? I heard that Loop grid with the taxonomy filter of Elementor can achieve the same effect.

Hai sir…. thanks for this portfolio page video…please make the blog page video tooo…these two are left in blocksy theme tutorial

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