7 Days Inside a Focus Club: My Journey to Clarity

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I love that WFH is being touted as toxic for this same reason's body doubling "fixes"

Any completely free alternatives?

Flow Club has been my #1 tool for productivity. The founders are amazing and use their own product. The community is great. New features and fixes are introduced almost about every week. I have been using since it early 2022.

I REALLY enjoyed this one. like even against all vid past year.
Because you filmed yourself having an experience that I wish too see in others,
Passing from Office workspace to Home workspace – you can't take with you events of frastration by your roommate in the office workspace – all the physical interaction.
You touched on my current touchy subject: "keeping to task" and "choosing task switching"

I REALY wish you could make a series of:

You filming yourself while doing a typing task. and reacting to a different type of disruption in every film, So, ppl will identify with you as your hitting the bump!
– outside workspace interruption like a phone call.
– inside self interruption like day-dreaming or starting to consider unrelated matters
– workspace issue like a required update, maybe an update that breaks something

Lastly,:) The best way to evaluate a tool like focus-apps is by running it though the bumps (bentchmarking using bump types).

(very personally) I train on seeing a moment as part of a short focus task, which is part of a long focus task or within a break from a long focus task, and the long focus task occupy a daily time-slot which is urgency-packed by a the path between a daily-base-intention and a corner-intention that requires actions to be taken to make the corner-intention fullfilled.
and every such energized time-slot usage is also effected by the daily measures of important emotions like "did I have enough fun?" , "did I put enough effort so I get a sense of fullfilment" …


Some study based focus group.

I tried flown it 2as nice

twitch in light mode….. we need to talk ahah aloved the video!

Have been using FocusMate for over a year with 125 sessions under my belt… It's an absolute game changer.

have tried body doubling in different ways, this looks interesting. thank you!

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