Top 10 Daily Planner Apps of 2024: Your Ultimate Guide!

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What is your favourite daily planner app?
Here's the list of the best daily planner apps:
00:45 – Motion –
01:40 – Akiflow –
02:56 – Routine –
04:29 – Sunsama –
06:12 – Ellie Planner –
07:01 – Structured –
08:03 – Timestripe –
09:29 – Todoist –
10:37 – TickTick –
11:23 – Morgen –

Note: This list includes affiliates links.

Where is Nozbe?

Fantastical really helps me organize my days. Sadly, it didn't make the list.

This is an app category I dont understand why it exists.

I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of wisdom shared in this thread. It's like stumbling upon a treasure trove of knowledge.😻

The interesting thing is that Akiflow always has ways to receive discounts. Everyone around me got a 50% discount or higher. I got a 75% discount + a 5 year believer plan, which made is very affordable with the already good features. I personally want to use Sunsama, but it's too expensive. I haven't found any ways to get discounts for that.

Why is your thumbnail so angry? 😂

TickTick is amazing, it has an Eisenhower chart, focus time tracking, to do lists and projects, calendar, integration, and on the phone, the largest array of widgets I’ve ever seen of any app. At $35 a year for premium and the free version being incredibly robust I’d say that on this whole list it is the best value per dollar.

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