Top 7 Email Apps of 2024: A Fresh Inbox Review!

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What is your email app of choice?
00:02 – Best Email Apps for 2024
00:25 – SaneBox –
00:45 – Superhuman –
01:55 – Spark Mail –
03:00 – Missive –
04:22 – Spike Mail –
05:39 – HEY! Email –
07:11 – Canary Mail –
07:45 – Newton Mail –

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Bruv ever tried shortwave? All these features but for free lol

I personally prefer Shortwave over the others on this list

Isn’t Newton Mail dead? I was very interested in it but when I tried it it seemed broken and people online are saying the company isn’t even replying anymore

Could you make a video of productivity apps for personal use only, nothing that is more focused on business or teams, thank you!

For anyone looking for something reliable without all the gimicky sht a lot of these companies are throwing into email I just moved to FastMail after skiff was sold off and I'm extremely impressed. It's fast, does the job and even has masked emails provided, plus only costs me $5 per month.

■ With all due respect, Keep Productive. Would you kindly focus on including some videos about personal apps that are used outside of business & team related projects. I want to see what apps are available for individuals. Thank you 🙏🏻

🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:30 💌 Email apps overview
– Overview of different email apps for 2024,
– Detailed review of Superhuman, Spark Mail, Missive, Spike Mail, Hey Email, Canary Mail, and Newton Mail.
01:53 🚀 Superhuman Review
– Superhuman is a premium email app designed for heavy email users,
– Known for its speed and efficiency, offers AI features like email summarization and fast responses,
– Allows for email and calendar management in one platform.
03:17 🤝 Missive for Collaboration
– Missive is a collaborative email application for small teams,
– Enables task assignments, comments, and collaboration on emails,
– Ideal for scaling a team and enhancing collaborative email efforts.
04:39 💬 Spike Mail for Communication
– Spike Mail combines email communication with messaging features,
– Offers team workspace for collaboration on emails, documents, and tasks,
– Suitable for those seeking a conversational email experience.
05:55 📧 Hey Email Experience
– Hey Email provides a unique email experience with an emphasis on productivity,
– Requires a domain for getting started and offers a productivity-focused inbox,
– Includes features for email organization and prioritization.
07:20 🤖 AI-based Canary Mail
– Canary Mail utilizes AI for email organization and prioritization,
– Features a co-pilot function to assist users in managing important emails,
– Ideal for those looking for AI-driven email assistance.
08:40 🔄 Newton Mail Overview
– Newton Mail offers a reliable email experience at a reasonable price,
– A good all-around email app for managing inboxes efficiently,
– Recommended for users seeking a balance between features and affordability.

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the fact that you didn't mention Shortwave shows you didn't do your homework! i spent years testing all of them.Shortwave is by far the best one out of all of these.

i honestly think thunderbird is amazing. it can connect all your mail accounts, can sync your calendar with extensions, and many more all for free. i recently started using it and although it has some room for improvement, i still think it's pretty good.

Hi, what about data security? I do not like apps that want to save my password on their servers.

Spark is honestly the best and the easiest. It even cleans out my google accounts not just on the Spark side.

Can't help but wonder about the omission of Mimestream

Newton mail is amazing, it is just not supported at all. Wish it was.why recommend it if it is buggy?

I had used Spark Mail premium for over a year but I found it buggy and slow no matter what network I was accessing it on. About 3 months ago I completely switched over to “Chuck.” And I’m really glad I did. Very fast, very reliable, lots of features including AI…I haven’t regretted the switch for a minute.

What about Thunderbird (a real classic, isn't it)

What above shortwave?

And NONE of these would be acceptable to replace the corporate email standard. Our company will only allow the Apple Mail or Outlook. Both of which most likely will never hit your top email apps.

Spark, end of story 100% Spark.

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