Kanye West vs. You: The Ultimate Design Duel

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I dunno if I worry more about the abusive nature of those designs (clothes logos etc) or the people who actually want to buy into it.

Uh no but I'm listening

THE GOOOAAAATTTTT 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️🔥🗣️

Ye he is. He is better.

He's no graphic design genius but a reputation master for sure. If he didn't have the reputation from his prior music career, none of this would've hit. Imagine if lil Banko did the same. Who is lil Banko? Exactly.

kanye is shit, but if you are famous you can sell everything

Why you featuring antisemites tho.

This racist anti-semitic person who refuses to get mental help is not better at anything than anyone. Aside from maybe exploiting how humans are attracted to cult of personality.

Vulture brand with an eagle heraldic crest 😂 he’s just an idiot

How is ur health Buddy? 😁

Sometimes the most brilliant design ideas come from the craziest people !

Glad you are back! I hope he's not a better designer, but he's a celebrity so people will buy into his ideas because they know his fans will support him. It's similar to when he released an ordinary plain white t-shirt and sold it for £50, people bought it because it came from Kanye.

I am following you since one year

Kanye may do and say controversial things, but in the end, it's all part of his marketing. He is just a very avant-garde and provocative person and that shows in everything he does. Great video!

No, he made good music like 11 years ago and that’s it, everything else he’s done has been weak and deserves no further discussion

L.M.F.A.O. Haven't seen that ass-clown in any Mensa meet-ups. Youtube "artists" are hilarious.

Nice to see you back

Great video dude! Check out my latest on Kanye <3

It's Ye, fyi. (He changed it from Kanye. Weird how wokesters are so ready to use the wrong pronoun if someone tells them to, but won't respect a man's actual name.)

This is a really good video😊😊😊… thank you, this really helpful

"This antisemite might be a genius!" Unsubscribed.

yo since to critiquing other peoples work can you also and their original works like in description -_-

lifes of pablo cover at comes to my mind with videos like this

Hey Tom Satori! I'm very glad to see you again, get well soon and take care of your health beacuse we want more creative and quality content, appriate your hardwork and your passion about this channel because this place is my graphic class and i have to learn All basics about design from here.May God gives your reward, Stay blessed, Love from Pakistan❤

Logo = German crest but with two heads. Literal copy.

Kayne is absolute shit and shouldn’t be put up on any pedestal.
Google his latest partner and what he makes her wear in public.
He’s narcissistic scum

Some things you missed to clarify or even mention:

1) Art is NOT Graphic Design. Graphic Design is a comunication tool while art is simply free for interpretation. And Kanye is simply an artist who likes to jump over the edge sometimes.
2) The vultures Logo has nothing to do with nazis. It's simply adapted from the official "The coat of arms germany". Kanye holds special sympathy towards germany as we've seen.
3) Virgil Abloh was not only a close friend, but also a huge inspiration and personal creative director for kanyes merch. Thats where most of the "handwritten" stuff comes from.

He’s not, but he could easily pay others to do it for him…

Yeezy threw black people under the bus with his support of trump. Gross person, great fashion and songs.

Thanks for your dedication to this videos. We love your work. Your style.

He's a master of controversy

Bro I'm sad and scared Because of AI

Blatant rip off of the german coat of arms.

Break the rules and set the trends! Rules are there to be broken and only then one will stand out from the crowd.

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