4 Creative Sparks for Stellar Design Ideas!

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Please Explain In Hindi For India

Sir please make a video on how to choose font . In a very basic explanation about only few fonts like bodoni , futura , times new roman

Always like your guidance
Very nice video
Thank you

As usual you are life saver I am working now on pet supplement branding and I was lost and this helps me a lot 🫰🔥 thanks 😊

A lot of Overwatch references on this video 🙂

Sir you can provide Hinglish or Hindi captions thank you very much

I just started working as a graphic designer at a digital marketing agency but I need to improve my layout design and typography skills. Kindly suggest me some resources.
Your videos are always very helpful ☺️.

How to become a batter brand designer
Please sir create a video on this topic

But then everyone uses method 4 and nothing is standing out 😂 😢 😢

Every time after watching satori a new approach of design takes part in my mind.

Please add subtitle option for bangla

Do you a tutorial like this for university club logos

Amazing video! Then bring ideas to life

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