13 Rookie Photoshop Fails & Fixes Unveiled!

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There's another mistake.

They're not coloring their layer or even naming it. Please take some time to name your layer. If you're working on 100 layers, it will take too much time finding which layer you need.

Ctrl + shift + v is useful

Srilanka's wedding photography editors are TERRIBLEπŸ˜…

Oh my goodness, Unmesh! I had no idea about the first one! 🀯 I couldn't figure out for the life of me what was going on a few months ago with my background not saving correctly. I thought PS was broken and had to scrap my entire design bc it wasn't working for my client.

Ctrl + shift V for pasting at exact location is a life saver thanks 🫑🫑

This is super helpful! Thank you!

Facebook is ok with Adobe RGB, but the IG is not.


Doing everything on separate layers is fine, but you have to be mindful of disk space, most my edits are on edge of being past 4 GB's if I edit like that, and if I don't pass it to other people as a project I see no need to fragment file as much, so I do have things I do literally on 1 layer, though I merge layers as I go.
Also about remove tool, when I have large chunk like this to replace I just call lasso tool and use generative fill for it seems to be doing better job at this, but you have to be mindful of adjustment layers possibly messing the effect up (all you need to do is move adjustment layer above the fill one)

Legends know thumbnail has been changed

If you shoot in sRGB with your camera, convert it to ProPhoto RGB in Photoshop and then export to sRGB after editing, would you lose color quality?

is it applicable for only photoshop ARE ALL THE BETA APPS 3.56

Photoshop has been crashing on me lately – Very unusual on the computer I have now.
I had no clue why. Guess what- i have exclusively been using BETA program.
Thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

This here is a wealth of knowledge. Just straight to the point.

Just a nod to Retouch4me Heal – I took the plunge a few months ago and it is such a time saver. Great video too btw

Unmesh, your videos are super useful. Always something to learn. How great or actually self-evident it would be if every layer instead of the relatively meaningless automatic labels, for example after a Command+Option+Shift +E – would contain a term ideally predetermined by me but at least something like 'COSE'.
Or even after I have applied a filter to a layer, the name of the filter would be indexed
For example, after a Liquify, Blur filter, Retoch4me in the label, if I haven't already written something in there myself, there would be a 'liq', a 'blu' or 'R4b' / 'R4d&b' in the label.

Possibly numbered if a more complex image filter was used in several layers. (lq1, liq2, liq3)

What would also seem helpful to me: If the labeling was kept generally simple you wouldn't have to poke around in the field to make it writable.

One option could be that I can set PS to prompt me with a small window.

This is priceless info, the most valuable I think would be the smart layers conversion to maintain resolution, it's easy to forget that one πŸ‘Œ

Does using captain Jack sparrow version make photoshop slow? I have a 2015 MacBook pro with i7 and 16gb ram with 3.1ghz processor speed.

Umesh is undoubtedly the best, most articulate and easily understood PS presenter on YouTube. Thanks for all your superb videos.

Thanks Unmesh! Found some mistakes I always do & learned how to not do it.

Thanks for these useful tips. Regarding the Photoshop and not Beta point for daily work, it has bothered me for a long time that when an image is transferred from Lightroom to Photoshop, Beta always starts. I haven't yet found a way to change this. That's why I first save in Lightroom as a 16-bit TIF and then open it in Photoshop.

A mistake i often made and occasionally still do, is use a shortcut with the wrong tool. I often use the numbers to choose layer opacity and fill, but if i have the brush selected, it changes opacity and fill for the better. So whenever i want to change it for the layer, i select the move tool first

so helpful bro thanks =)

10:22 i remember that years ago resolution was maintained for layers even when resizing and transforming, this probably was before smart objects. Can’t really understand the why they reserved it only for smart objects.

@5:50 Oh God… I did use the Eraser instead of a Mask for a client…
It's been 12 years and I'm still horrified about it

My personal opinion is Adobe should remove the eraser tool completely

I use smart objects for everything. I was at Photoshop World when Smart Objects were introduced.

I’ve got a gradient question. Some percentage of the time when I use the gradient tool the slider controls are not visible. Can you explain why?

Resolution is one of the top most mis understood aspects of photography; especially in printing

Biggest mistake I made for a long time was using the Brightness and Contrast adjustment as opposed to the levels dialog. It’s amazing how much better your work looks once you understand the levels dialog!

AI learn from this guy

When working on images to post on instagram or Facebook, is it best to save as jpg or export with srgb?

I've never used export as before, When and why do you use export as compared to save as?

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