Graphic Design Gut Check: Suck-O-Meter Revealed!

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As always, slaying designs 💅

I hope you are feeling well and energetic💪

Nice piece, Master Chief!

In 3 sec technique, the eagle one was a quick one for me

I love the fonts in your design? Care to share?

The eagle for the 3sec technique. Easy to remember.

Hi, whats the link of website you used to check responsiveness?

It the eagle logo design for me🎉

You're looking for feedback on the designs? Which was most memorable?

Birdie. Easy answer.

When you first presented birdie, I paid attention to color first, scanned the image of the block of colors to understand what I'm trying to view second, looked at the words to validate yes, I was looking at a bird third.

Eagle, geometry of blue. Zero clue how to move with the shape and the colors weren't giving any clues so I looked at the words first, shape second, color third shape and words again fourth to validate that the shape was indeed an eagle. I had to work to validate it.

It's been maybe a good 5 min now since the birdie logo showed up as I'm texting this message and it's still in my mind's eye because of the color and fun shape.

Birdi stood out to me more tho. Eagle is memorable but boring.

Birdi is the winner for me. Its more memorable than eagle. Btw what exactly is A/B testing in graphics. As in what kind of questions to ask to get accurate or reliable feedback

Thank you 1000 Times. With this Method you can check if you make Art or Design. I should use this more often.

i think the logo with parrot is memorable.

You want to hear eagle. But eagle looks generic, even though cleverly constructed. Bet you just whipped up birdie as dummy opponent. Horrible font gives it away. But birdie is charming! And richer. So eagle for a parking lot. Birdie for a new shopping mall.

parrot (could use less colors tho)

Everyone saying the eagle design is more memorable. It's because it came second, so everyone scanned "colour, shape, name".

If you swapped the order everyone would remember the birdi design.

Good to see you back though.

I designed a flyer using what I had learned from you. My friend, who always playfully scorns anything I do, asked if I had it professionally designed.

All because of you dude.

the Eagle for me is easy to remember

I liked this video. The quick-fire memory test is incredible. I wonder if you can talk further about the Usability Testing only in a future video.

Best wishes!

HeySatori,,, just a suggestion (and it might sound odd) but sometimes I use AI to judge my design. I.e: I upload the PNG of the designs and tell Google Gemini to help provide feedback on some of the designs that I do and you can specify in the prompt if it should be blunt or loose.

And also I think the eagle logo is more memorable because it's more modern, minimal and simplistic

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